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Exchange Hosting for February, 2010

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Occasionally, you might want to hide a mailbox so that it doesn’t appear in the global address list or other address lists. One reason for doing this is if you have administrative mailboxes that you use only for special purposes. No reason to let everyone in the whole network see everything in that network, right? So here is how you do it:

1. Open the Properties dialog box for the mailbox-enabled user account by double-clicking the user name in the Exchange Management Console.

2. On the General tab, select the Hide From Exchange Address Lists check box and then click OK.

How easy was that? Now get to hiding those mailboxes!

Microsoft TechNet

In their constant quest to teach us all about Exchange Server 2010, TechNet has released yet another webcast. This time it fields information protection and control.

It’s a level 300 webcast so make sure you are up to snuff on the basics before you tackle it. Michael Smith of, owner of Smith Consulting fields the teaching duties in this 90 minute video. From their website:

Are you worried about employees accidentally leaking valuable corporate e-mail? In this webcast, we introduce new methods of information protection and control powered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, including a new transport rule for moderation, dynamic signatures, and application of rights management. We also discuss the use of Active Directory Rights Management Service in parallel with Exchange Server, and we explain how new features in Exchange Server 2010 can be applied to real-world messaging control scenarios.”

Click here to download the video. Enjoy.

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