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Exchange Hosting for June, 2011


A new rootkit targeting Windows systems is currently infecting computers and can only be removed by reinstalling the operating system, Microsoft has said. Yikes.

The “Popureb” Trojan corrupts the hard drive’s master boot record to such an extent that the only way to remove it is reinstalling Windows to its factory state, Microsoft Malware Protection Center engineer Chun Feng wrote in an advisory posted on the Threat Research and Reponse blog June 22. A recovery CD should be used to restore the system after the MBR is fixed, Feng said. Otherwise, just try to avoid the dang thing!

Even though it can’t remove the Trojan, Microsoft claims its security products can at least detect the latest variants as of June 21.


Release 6.0 is a major software release for the Branch Repeater VPX for Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi virtual machine. This release contains a number of new features along with bug fixes. Please see the release notes for full details. This major release of Branch Repeater VPX for Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi virtual machine includes a significant number of new features, including:

  • Traffic shaping which expedites WAN traffic according to user-selectable policies. Both accelerated and non-accelerated traffic are shaped to give full control over the link. Traffic shaping replaces the “Repeater QoS” feature.
  • Traffic classification and reporting give greater visibility into WAN traffic.
  • Multi-stream ICA support provides a better user experience for XenApp and XenDesktop by combining acceleration with enhanced traffic shaping.
  • Vista/Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 Filesystem acceleration. New SMB2 acceleration features increase remote filesystem performance.
  • Windows filesystem acceleration. Signed SMB can now be accelerated.
  • Enhanced MAPI Acceleration. Encrypted connections between Outlook and Exchange Server can now be accelerated.
  • Support for multiple links. In previous releases, Branch Repeater had a single-link model. Release 6.0 supports up to ten independent links, each with its own link speed, so traffic can be shaped precisely on every link.
  • Remote license server support. Release 6.0 allows a remote network license server to supply the Branch Repeater licenses, simplifying deployment.

Not bad, right? So what are you waiting for? Get to it.

Windows Mobile Outlook

Has hell frozen over? Not quite. Smart card support has come to Outlook Anywhere, though. That’s something! The kindly folks over at WindowsITPro have outlined to the layman how one can get it going on their software. The tech configuring is minimal, thankfully.

It’s always a good thing when smart card authentication support comes anywhere.  Outlook was the last Windows-based program to not offer it. Let’s all wave our smart cards in the air and celebrate! Viva la, um, revolution. Sigh.

blackberry enterprise

RMI is adding a lot of support for Blackberry devices, which will go into effect on July 1st 2011. What is going on? Well the company has stated they are adding email and calendaring services running on RIM Blackberry® devices for ADVANTAGE® cloud customers.

“We are proud to announce this new compatibility with Blackberry devices. This advancement is a prime example of RMI’s devotion to customer satisfaction through continuous advancement.” Says Paul R. Chapdelaine, C.P.A, president of RMI Corporation “We never like to have to tell customers ‘that is not possible right now’ and no longer will we have to thanks to the upgrade to Microsoft Exchange server 2010 that will be delivered through Business Online Productivity Suite (BPOS) next month.”

Microsoft Exchange server 2010 is included in the BPOS add-on for RMI ADVANTAGE. Customers subscribing to BPOS will be able to connect their Blackberry devices to their email and calendar on July 1st. Existing customers can contact RMI support to get started.


SysTools Outlook to Notes software

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


SysTools Software has announced that SysTools Outlook to Notes software to convert Exchange Server to Lotus Notes exists to improve UI. The tool purportedly delivers a simple approach and hopefully is the bees-knees for non-technical users. This application is well suited for entrepreneurs when they need to migrate Exchange to Notes because of various reasons. This could be a cost effective way to access PST data into NSF.

“The services to help companies, is the target when we created this Exchange to Notes converter application to transfer all PST items into NSF of Lotus Notes, which from organizational point of view is the useful to use. The product is uniquely designed to assist corporations, with no risks, no assumptions, no uncertainties are involved because we created this company with the objective to deliver high-end solutions”, said Evan Swans, SysTools Director of Product Development.


Tixeo has announced WorkSpace3D 4.0, which the company says is a major smilestone in its long-term strategy of delivering an alternative unified communication solution to products such as Microsoft Lync and Skype. By integrating both presence & ad-hoc meetings features, WorkSpace3D makes collaboration over video conference easier and more efficient. Not bad.

In this latest release, Tixeo has added presence & ad-hoc meetings features to WorkSpace3D, allowing to know who is online, busy or offline, and set up an instant video conference by clicking on the contact to talk with. Thanks to this, talking over video conference with workmates should be easier than ever before.


GSX Solutions, a leader in proactive, consolidated monitoring, reporting of enterprise messaging and collaboration environments, including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Blackberry Enterprise Server, today announced the general availability of the GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10. The new release comes with expanded features, plus support for Lotus Traveler, IBM Quickr, IBM Sametime 8.5, Microsoft Exchange 2010, and Microsoft Sharepoint servers. The v10 release provides a new modular install for selected server types and components, a revamped user interface, simplified server settings, and new reports to track mail forwarding.

“The Flex-based GSX Analyzer has been improved again, permitting more customization on reports. For those that don’t know, Analyzer will take all the statistics from Monitor, output them on a very pretty, flexible web-based UI, or email you statistics in a customizable PDF on a set schedule. If you are an administrator, you want this,” commented Paul Mooney, Senior Technical Architect and Lotus Specialist.

“Our tests showed GSX Monitor v10 to be the perfect solution for proactive monitoring in the cloud,” said Olivier Constant of Darest. “If all of your messaging and collaboration services are in the cloud, there is no other way to know of a problem until it occurs — with GSX v10 you will know it beforehand. When there are issues with security and visibility, that’s a perfect situation for v10. Even if your servers are outside the firewall, you’ll know the exact status of every server in the cloud.”

“GSX v10 enabled our team to take proactive, real-time control of our 24 Blackberry, Domino, and Traveler servers with 3,225 users,” said Sander Zwart, Managing Consultant at ilionx ICS. “It is very easy to set up, and gives us a complete overview of all our customers in a single dashboard. We just have to configure it once, and then service level reports are automatically delivered to customer mailboxes each month.”

“GSX Monitor & Analyzer is already the most widely used consolidated management tool for mixed collaboration infrastructures. It could oversee environments such as Microsoft Exchange 2007, Lotus Domino and Blackberry Enterprise Server,” said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX. “This new version extends our capabilities to modern collaboration environments as we add new platforms which are the basis for modern collaboration platforms: Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint as well as Lotus Notes Traveller, IBM Quickr and IBM Sametime 8.5. All its features were driven by close involvement with our customers and partners base worldwide.”

codetwo outlook sync

CodeTwo has released a brand new program for synchronizing Microsoft Outlook data. CodeTwo Outlook Sync has been created for those who need to synchronize Outlook folders between two machines in an easy way. Along with a commercial version of the program, the developer has also published a freeware version which lets users sync calendars and contacts. Both of these versions are available on the company’s website.

“When creating CodeTwo Outlook Sync our main goal was to address typical issues Microsoft Outlook users encounter every day whenever they attempt to share folders between two computers. As a result we’ve built an intuitive and extremely easy-to-use tool which solves these problems.” said Michal Bednarz, the Managing Director of CodeTwo.

During the installation and configuration, users point another machine in the network they want to share Outlook data with. The entire process is remarkably straightforward.” said Szymon Szczesniak, the Marketing Manager of CodeTwo.


The Exchange Management shell buried deep within our copies of Exchange Server 2010 contain many powerful PowerShell cdmlets that, when used correctly, can let you automate just about any administrative task you can think of. Of course, one has to know what they are doing. This can be a tiresome and frustrating task, one usually fit for admins and the like. However, our friends over at InformIT is on it. They have compiled a useful tutorial on how to get the most out of these useful automation features.

Interested? Click here and check it out. Be warned, though, before long you may just be an Exchange expert. That might get annoying at parties.


Acronis Ships Backup and Recovery 11

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


Acronis, a provider of user-friendly disaster recovery and data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, announced the general availability of its Backup & Recovery 11 platform, which is designed to allow small to medium-size businesses to simplify their disaster recovery and data protection needs.

Backup & Recovery 11 is available at $1,399 per server from Acronis channel partners, the company said. Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server will be available at a later date, according to a company release.

Built upon Acronis’ disk imaging technology, it offers small businesses a solution for integrated disaster recovery and data protection in one package. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 offers a data-centric and a system-centric view of physical and virtual machines as well as secure offsite storage. The company said this allows IT managers to simplify their operations from one unified platform, saving costs in the process.

“Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 is a step ahead when it comes to integrated backup, disaster recovery and data protection,” said Sven Dreyfeldt of Siemens IT solutions and services division. “Combining these in one platform and one solution opens new ways to implement policies and disaster recovery strategies across our organization.”


Actuate Corporation, an open source Business Intelligence vendor, announced the general availability of Xenos Enterprise Server 3.0 for output management.

Xenos Enterprise Server provides both document and data transformation services aimed at enabling enterprises to lower operational costs and complexity and improve customer service. It is a solution that is said to offer several key benefits to organizations such as reductions in total cost of ownership, the delivery of intelligent content and support of Green IT initiatives, and revenue growth opportunities with new lines of business.

“Xenos Enterprise Server 3.0 delivers flexible, highly scalable output management, which enables organizations to keep pace with changes in their information infrastructure,” said Pete Cittadini, chief executive officer and president at Actuate Corporation, said in a press release.

“The possibilities for our customer base are really exciting – and highly relevant to organizations as they tackle mergers and acquisitions, new business initiatives, information governance and regulatory requirements,” Cittadini added.

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