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Exchange Hosting for June, 2011

Apple iPad

Finally! Google has finally rolled out Google Sync, which enables iOS users to sync their Exchange accounts to their iPhones, iPads and similar devices. Dogs and cats are finally playing together!

Google just announced on its Mobile Blog that Google Sync is getting three useful new features for iOS users. Google Sync is the lead feature, which does what it says it does with aplomb.

Set up seems to be a breeze, but if you run into any troubles there are several “how to” guides online. We found one for you just to make it easy. Thanks us later.

red earth

Red Earth Software, an email management solutions company, today introduced Policy Patrol Archiver, a new email archiver and eDiscovery solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using Microsoft Exchange Server. Policy Patrol Archiver now allows SMBs to meet compliancy needs, reduce Exchange store size, and boost Exchange performance without breaking the bank.

Policy Patrol Archiver automatically stores emails in a centralized archive location, allowing administrators to set email retention policies and meet email archiving requirements. Emails are archived into the database instantly, so that even if a user deletes an email, it will still be archived into the database. Users can search and restore their emails through a web browser.

“Although SMBs are becoming more and more aware of the importance of archiving their data, most have not yet implemented an archiving solution because current offerings are simply too expensive or too complicated to implement and manage,” said Mike Spykerman, CEO of Red Earth Software. “Policy Patrol Archiver now offers a solution that is affordable and manageable for companies of any size.”


The kind folks over at Infoworld have another useful guide for our collective perusal. The subject this time? How to deploy Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware.

From the horse’s mouth: “This guide provides best practice guidelines for deploying Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere. The recommendations in this guide are not specific to any particular set of hardware or to the size and scope of any particular Exchange implementation. The examples and considerations in this document provide guidance only and do not represent strict design requirements, as the flexibility of Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere allows for a wide variety of valid configurations.”

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the link to download the guide.


GSX Solutions, the creator of proactive, consolidated monitoring, reporting of enterprise messaging and collaboration environments, including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and Blackberry Enterprise Server, today announced the general availability of the GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10. The new release comes with expanded features, plus support for Lotus Traveler, IBM Quickr, IBM Sametime 8.5, Microsoft Exchange 2010, and Microsoft SharePoint servers. The v10 release provides a new modular install for selected server types and components, a revamped user interface, simplified server settings, and new reports to track mail forwarding.

“The Flex-based GSX Analyzer has been improved again, permitting more customization on reports. For those that don’t know, Analyzer will take all the statistics from Monitor, output them on a very pretty, flexible web-based UI, or email you statistics in a customizable PDF on a set schedule. If you are an administrator, you want this,” commented Paul Mooney, Senior Technical Architect and Lotus Specialist.

“Our tests showed GSX Monitor v10 to be the perfect solution for proactive monitoring in the cloud,” said Olivier Constant of Darest. “If all of your messaging and collaboration services are in the cloud, there is no other way to know of a problem until it occurs — with GSX v10 you will know it beforehand. When there are issues with security and visibility, that’s a perfect situation for v10. Even if your servers are outside the firewall, you’ll know the exact status of every server in the cloud.”


Microsoft, everyone’s favorite maker of everything, has announced that corporate customers adopted the Office 2010 product five times faster than the previous version. That’s not a bad little stat.

Sales to businesses outpaced those of Office 2007 through the first nine months of product availability, the company added. The 2010 software suite is the fastest selling update among regular consumers, and almost 50 million of them are using the Web-based versions of Office programs Microsoft released to battle the evil Google cloud.

The company is announcing the numbers in a blog on the one- year anniversary of the product’s release, Takeshi Numoto, an Office vice president, said.

“The Office business is the one business people feel pretty good about,” said Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities Inc. in Portland, Oregon, who rates the shares “sector perform.” “It’s not really coming under the same kind of attacks” as Windows and mobile software.


SPAMfighter, a provider of anti-SPAM, antivirus and anti-Malware solutions, has announced the release of SPAMfighter Exchange Module (SEM) version 4 that provides enhanced protection against pushed email threats through policy-based email processing.Version 4 delivers a host of new features and is free for current SEM users.

We all know how annoying and dangerous SPAM and unwanted messages can be. Why not take some kind of precaution? The updated SEM version 4 includes a built-in POP3 Connector, which system administrators can use to retrieve e-mails from external mail servers, scan them for spam and malware and deliver them to local mailboxes.

“SPAMfighter’s SEM version 4 is simply the most powerful and best Exchange server integrated module available today for fighting spam and other pushed email security threats,” said Henrik Sorensen, CEO, SPAMfighter. “SEM version 4 is ideal for the fast growing SMB network market and features seven built-in anti-spam and anti-malware filters ranging from content-filtering, sender and address filtering as well as an award-winning built-in anti-virus engine that can be configured at the users’ discretion. We take active user feedback and requests and use that data to fine tune and improve the SPAMfighter Exchange Module as threats evolve and SMB network priorities change.”


Recalling messages sent in error, such as forgetting an attachment or setting the wrong recipient address, via Exchange can be a gruesome task indeed. Often, attempts to block e-mails sent in error fail.

Users of MS Outlook who often use the Recall This Message command can now breathe a sigh of relief as WinDeveloper Software Ltd., has now equipped MS Exchangeserver with a new reliable solution, WinDeveloper Message Recall, which provides users with a predictable process for recalling sent hosted Exchange e-mails.

WinDeveloper Software developed WinDeveloper Message Recall to increase the ability to successfully recall e-mails sent in error.

Alexander Zammit, WinDeveloper technical director, said “Recalls have to be processed at the server. Today recall attempts are prompting recipients to open the e-mail and spot the error. Indeed once an e-mail reaches the recipient mailbox, it’s already too late.”


CommuniTake Technologies has announced that its Remote Support application is now providing clientless remote configuration for iPhone and iPad devices. The new application provides support representatives with the ability to remotely define complex iOS device settings such as Email (POP3/IMAP & SMTP), Exchange Server, APN configurations and Wi-Fi.

“We are focused on optimizing customer service and operational efficiency at the multi-channel support level. The clientless remote iPhone configuration extends our market-leading product’s capabilities,” says Ronen Sasson, CommuniTake Technologies CEO.

“With this capability, service providers can capitalize on the operational advantages of running a remote support instance across their customer touch points. The user-friendly, Web-based application also enables enterprise IT personnel, in any location, to maintain, update and change devices logic without the need for external support professionals. It significantly intensifies the use of the enterprise devices across the daily tasks of enterprise professionals.”


ProVal Technologies, a company offering remote IT Infrastructure Management services, has begun to offer Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 support. The company now provides assistance with Exchange Server Migration, Exchange Server Monitoring and Exchange Server Support.

What do they offer specifically? Well, glad you asked. ProVal offers services such as Exchange server setup, Exchange server planning, Exchange server deployment, Exchange server backup, Exchange server maintenance, Exchange server monitoring, Exchange server help, Exchange server migration, Microsoft Exchange upgrade, Exchange performance, and more.

Check out their site and see if it can help your company.

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