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Cobweb launches cloud messaging service based off of Exchange 2010

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News

Cobweb Logo Exchange 2010

IT solutions provider Cobweb Solutions are sating the public’s need for private cloud solutions by launching Dedicated Exchange 2010, a new, managed cloud service for messaging and collaboration. The service has an integrated user and management experience, as well as integration into a customers’ existing Active Directory. This effectively negates the need for companys to host their own email servers. The service was built using Exchange 2010 but will also work with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and VMware vSphere 4.

“VMware vSphere v4 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 join our strategic best-of-breed technologies that also includes MessageLabs, EMC and Parallels, to form the basis of our managed cloud platforms,” Cobweb chief technology officer Dan Germain said in a statement. “Our significant experience as world-leading Hosted Exchange experts, equips us to provide advances in platform resilience, application performance and integration flexibility; resulting in a managed service that uses the latest and greatest technologies with a lower total cost of ownership.”

Germain went on to say that Dedicated Exchange 2010 is ideal for companies with 500 or more employees, thus allowing them to consolidate their messaging and collaboration environments, improve business productivity and reduce operational costs, all without capital expenditure.

Cobweb has been in the hosting game since 1996 and meets the data security and management standards of ISO9001.

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