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Introducing MailScape - System management tool for Exchange Server 2010

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases

messaging solutions

Messaging Solutions are back! They’ve offered up MailScape, a unique and innovative systems management tool that automates and streamlines Exchange monitoring, administration, and maintenance.

Tasks get done automatically as a daily checklist which truly does serve to keep things running smoothly. Best part? All of the time-consuming repetitive stuff is done by a computer, and not you! That leaves plenty of time for you to watch soap operas or whatever it is you do all day.

Here are some features:

  • Proactively advise senior management of future Exchange storage needs.
  • Understand how storage requirements and e-mail traffic are growing over time.
  • Control e-mail storage costs and Exchange server performance by enabling IT to optimize server utilization.
  • Provide help desk staff with the information they need to improve the level of service to your end users— and at the same time cross-train them to one day become Exchange administrators.
  • Enable the Help Desk to purge the Exchange server of inactive mailboxes and thereby recover Exchange CALs and storage space.
  • Reduce the volume of calls to your Help Desk by empowering Help Desk staff to provide proactive support to your end users.
  • Plan for and prioritize Exchange maintenance tasks.
  • Easily distribute mailboxes across your Exchange databases.
  • Track database growth and manage database size to minimize restore times and to help meet service level agreements as set by the CIO.
  • Quickly and easily view vital information about your users and their mailboxes—Who is approaching a warning, prohibit send, or locked out state? Who has the largest mailboxes? How are your mailboxes distributed per OU, per storage group, per database?
  • Provide managers with data on e-mail usage patterns to identify opportunities to educate users on how to improve their use of e-mail and reduce e-mail volumes.
  • Charge back Exchange operating costs to hold business units accountable for the resources they consume.
  • Flag possible security risks and/or violations of acceptable usage policies to help you protect your intellectual property.

Get it here.

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