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ASP-One Expands its Exchange Hosting Offerings by Launching a New 1 GB Plan

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Herndon, Va., November 5, 2006

ASP-One, a division of Apptix and a premiere provider of Microsoft Exchange Hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the availability of a highly-anticipated 1 GB Exchange Hosting Plan.

This high-capacity Exchange Hosting plan, available to all new ASP-One customers, provides expansive storage for SMB organizations. ASP-One’s “x1GB Plan” provides customers who sign up 10 subscribers with 10 GB of disk space for just $125 per month. This storage space is aggregated at the organization level to enable the most efficient utilization of storage company-wide. A customer administrator can also divide the storage up among its employees as desired. This plan is highly scalable and provides the ability to add subscribers at any time.

“The daily onslaught of email traffic faces each and every one of us in the business world,” said Alex Yevelev, vice president of web direct sales for ASP-One. “The decision to expand our offerings to include a high storage capacity plan specifically addresses this reality. This plan also provides an additional option for those considering our Dedicated Exchange Server hosting solution, but not yet quite ready to expand to 68GB+ storage usage.”

ASP-One’s Exchange Hosting service offers a full-featured, Outlook-based solution, including:

  • Ability to Access Data from Anywhere
  • Calendar Sharing and Scheduling
  • Instant Activation of Mobile Services
  • Easy, On-line User Management
  • A Secure, Managed Solution

ASP-One offers three comprehensive plans to meet an organization’s specific needs, starting at only $9.95 per subscriber per month. Plans include a 200 MB plan, which is recommended for organizations with more than three subscribers and average storage requirements, a 500 MB plan which is recommended for organizations with above-average storage requirements and now a 1 GB plan (for 10 users), which is perfect for organizations with high storage requirements. To accommodate those customers with 20 or more subscribers and a need for even more extensive storage, ASP-One’s Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting solution delivers between 68 and 420 GB of usable disk space.

Currently, all new ASP-One subscribers can also acquire a free Hosted SharePoint account with the purchase of either a Shared or Dedicated Exchange Hosting plan. Additional information on this special offer can be found at

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