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WinDeveloper Software just announced the release of IMF Tune version 5.5. This introduces a new web based quarantine and reporting interface, improving further the effectiveness of this spam filtering solution.

Alexander Zammit, WinDeveloper Technical Director, goes over the goals of this release. “Many spam vendors claim very high filtering rates, without giving the opportunity to actually verify what is being blocked. Our philosophy is diametrically opposite. We want the users to be in control. The quarantine and reports provide a wide open window on what the filter is doing.”

The latest release supports all Microsoft Exchange server versions in mainstream use including Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010.

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A Better OutlookSM

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hosted exchange a better outlookA Better OutlookSM is a Michigan-based information Services business. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, they provide a hosted Microsoft Exchange environment, management, support and integrated add-ons that enable you to use Microsoft Outlook to its full potential without breaking a sweat.

A Better Outlook includes high-end anti-virus and anti-spam protection from Postini; an easy-to-use SWsoft PEM-based control panel to self-provision and manage users and optional services;

A Better Outlook Hosted Exchange Features:

  • FREE ActiveSync connectivity
  • Real-time, continuous backups using SonicWall CDP technology
  • Highly-reliable environment
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime (supported by an SLA)
  • Optional Blackberry and Good Mobile services
  • Global Relay’s world class Archiving and Compliance solutions
  • 100% SLA to scan for spam and viruses

Phone: 1-888-8EZMAIL (839-6245)
Price: Packages starting at $11.95 per user per month