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hosted exchange asp oneASP-One, is now a division of Apptix, to vew more details or rate this host please visit the Apptix hosted exchange review.

ASP-One was a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Microsoft Partner of the Year in Advanced Infrastructure Solutions for 2006. The company was leading the Exchange Hosting market by providing outsourced Microsoft Exchange to more then 85,000 users worldwide.

ASP-One delivers end-to-end Exchange Hosting solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Leveraging their unique provisioning platform (Biz@Large) and infrastructure, they’ve implemented the most reliable (over 99.9% uptime) and affordable ($9.95/mailbox) platform for providing Microsoft Exchange as a fully managed service. Their full-featured, all-inclusive product is available on both shared and dedicated platforms and comes with uncompromised access to collaborative e-mail, calendaring and task sharing, contact management, distribution lists and public folders, using your regular Outlook client or from anywhere through Outlook Web Access. Plus you receive generous, aggregated disk space and 24/7 live phone support.

Phone: 800-800-2556
Price: $9.95/user/mo.

Herndon, Va., November 5, 2006

ASP-One, a division of Apptix and a premiere provider of Microsoft Exchange Hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the availability of a highly-anticipated 1 GB Exchange Hosting Plan.

This high-capacity Exchange Hosting plan, available to all new ASP-One customers, provides expansive storage for SMB organizations. ASP-One’s “x1GB Plan” provides customers who sign up 10 subscribers with 10 GB of disk space for just $125 per month. This storage space is aggregated at the organization level to enable the most efficient utilization of storage company-wide. A customer administrator can also divide the storage up among its employees as desired. This plan is highly scalable and provides the ability to add subscribers at any time.

“The daily onslaught of email traffic faces each and every one of us in the business world,” said Alex Yevelev, vice president of web direct sales for ASP-One. “The decision to expand our offerings to include a high storage capacity plan specifically addresses this reality. This plan also provides an additional option for those considering our Dedicated Exchange Server hosting solution, but not yet quite ready to expand to 68GB+ storage usage.”

ASP-One’s Exchange Hosting service offers a full-featured, Outlook-based solution, including:

  • Ability to Access Data from Anywhere
  • Calendar Sharing and Scheduling
  • Instant Activation of Mobile Services
  • Easy, On-line User Management
  • A Secure, Managed Solution

ASP-One offers three comprehensive plans to meet an organization’s specific needs, starting at only $9.95 per subscriber per month. Plans include a 200 MB plan, which is recommended for organizations with more than three subscribers and average storage requirements, a 500 MB plan which is recommended for organizations with above-average storage requirements and now a 1 GB plan (for 10 users), which is perfect for organizations with high storage requirements. To accommodate those customers with 20 or more subscribers and a need for even more extensive storage, ASP-One’s Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting solution delivers between 68 and 420 GB of usable disk space.

Currently, all new ASP-One subscribers can also acquire a free Hosted SharePoint account with the purchase of either a Shared or Dedicated Exchange Hosting plan. Additional information on this special offer can be found at

Herndon, Va., August 24, 2006

ASP-One, a premiere provider of services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the availability of a new that provides 500MB of storage per mailbox for customers that require expanded email storage capacity. ASP-One, a division of Apptix, offers comprehensive messaging and collaboration solutions to meet the growing business communications needs of its SMB customers.

Customers now have a choice between a 200MB plan that provides users with 200MB of disk space at $9.95 per mailbox and a new 500MB plan that offers a generous half gigabyte of storage at $14.95 per mailbox. Both plans offer free Hosted Windows SharePoint Services site, which includes a 100 MB of disk space.

For those customers that require even more disk space to meet their organization’s messaging and collaboration needs, ASP-One offers a Dedicated Exchange Server solution that provides up to 420 GB of usable storage.

“We recognize the need to expand our Exchange Hosting plans to respond to the demands of our customers.” said Alex Yevelev, vice president for web direct sales. “The addition of our new 500MB Exchange Hosting plan provides our customers with more robust storage and the flexibility to maintain higher volumes of email and attachments.”

ASP-One’s newly updated infrastructure, which includes Microsoft® Exchange SP2, allows new customers to take advantage of Windows Mobile-enabled devices for no additional cost. This extended support for Windows Mobile 5.0 enabled devices complements ASP-One’s existing mobility offerings, which support BlackBerry® and GoodLink™ enabled devices.

Every new Exchange Hosting user receives Outlook 2003 for free, a $109 value per mailbox per client. Outlook can be downloaded directly from the ASP-One Biz@Large Control Panel by each user once their Exchange Hosting service is activated. Standard features offered by ASP-One with all Exchange Hosting plans include custom inbound domains, unlimited aliases, unlimited public folders, unlimited 24×7 live technical support, and an on-line knowledge base within Biz@Large for both administrators and mailbox owners.

Security Features include standard anti-virus protection and basic spam protection at no additional cost. Standard security features include secure connection (HTTPS and RPC over HTTPS) and secure Outlook Web Access (OWA). Advanced spam protection and content filtering are provided through a partnership with MX Logic®, a leading email security provider.

ASP-One offers a full range of Exchange Hosting plans to address the needs of the SMB market. Hosted Exchange plans start at 9.95 per month per user. For additional details on ASP-One, please visit

Limited Time Offer Extended Until August 31st, 2006

Herndon, Va., August 15, 2006

ASP-One, a premiere provider of services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the extension of its mobile services summer promotion through August 31, 2006. New ASP-One Exchange Hosting customers who activate Mobile Services, including BlackBerry® Mobile Service and GoodLink™ Mobile Service, by August 31, 2006 will receive 50% off their set-up fees and 50% off their August monthly fees.

With ASP-One’s Hosted Mobile Services, users can mix and match devices on their account. This provides employees with the flexibility to use the device of their choice, whether it’s a BlackBerry, Treo™, or other handheld device.

“We have many customers that desire support for multiple devices within a given organization, said Alex Yevelev, vice president for web direct sales of ASP-One. “With ASP-One’s Exchange Hosting offering, our customers can take advantage of our comprehensive mobile services that support BlackBerry, GoodLink, and ActiveSync®.”

This offer is valid for new Mobile Services activations only. During this summer promotion, the one-time activation fee for BlackBerry Mobile Service is $24.95 per user (normally $49.95 per user) and the monthly hosting fee is $5.00 per user (normally $10.00 per user). For GoodLink Mobile Service, the one-time activation fee is just $19.95 per user (normally $39.95 per user) and the monthly hosting fee is $9.95 per user (normally $19.95 per user). In addition, to the offering outlined above, ASP-One’s support for Microsoft® Exchange SP2 allows new customers to activate Windows Mobile-enabled devices for no additional cost. Monthly discount applies through August of 2006.

Today, more than a third of ASP-One customers use advanced capabilities of BlackBerry or GoodLink Mobile Services to support their requirement for remote access to their email, calendars, documents and company and personal address books.

“With ASP-One’s GoodLink Mobile Service, we are able to provide our employees with remote access to their email anytime, anyplace,” said John Lively, director of IT for Farrell Automotive. “ASP-One was able to quickly set up our service and provide us with greater functionality than we could have ever expected.”

ASP-One offers comprehensive solutions for Exchange Hosting and Hosted Windows SharePoint® Services to address the specific needs of Small and Medium-sized Businesses. For more information about ASP-One and their Exchange Hosting and Mobile Services offerings for SMBs, please visit

Accelerated Growth Consistent with Increased Adoption of Hosted Exchange Services by SMBs

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

ASP-One, a premiere provider of for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced that it has achieved a major milestone, having surpassed 20,000 Hosted Exchange subscribers. ASP-One,, has achieved a 45 percent increase in subscribers in the last six months.

“Representing a distinctive collection of nearly 430 luxury hotels, resorts and spas in over 74 countries, and a network of more than 20 regional offices in key cities around the world, having a reliable, highly available email system is mission critical,” said George Lee, Director of Information Technology for Leading Hotels of the World. “Our decision to outsource this system to ASP-One in 2002 allows us to focus on our core business of providing five star service and preferences of the affluent consumers in this new age of luxury marketing.

As a market leader in serving the SMB market, ASP-One provides customers who have limited, internal resources and staff with improved IT capabilities, service flexibility and scalability. ASP-One delivers to the burgeoning SMB market. Most recently, the company added GoodLink™ Mobile Service for SmartPhones, Treos and Other Handheld devices to complement its existing BlackBerry® Mobile Service. Mobile messaging services allow mobile employees to access their solution anywhere, anytime. In addition, ASP-One added an Archiving and Compliance solution to address the growing demand to support government and corporate compliance mandates.

“SMB organizations now truly understand the clear advantages of hosted application delivery for software solutions like Microsoft Exchange,” said Alex Yevelev, Vice President of Web Direct Sales for Apptix. “Over the last year, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of customers moving from an in-house solution to our outsourced model.”

Powerful Wireless Email Capabilities Supported On Several Major Handheld Devices

Herndon, VA, Jan. 30, 2006

ASP-One, a premiere provider of on-demand, managed messaging and collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has launched GoodLink wireless messaging service to enable Microsoft Exchange-based wireless access to email, contacts and other key business information. Good Technology is the leading provider of industry standards-based enterprise handheld computing software and service.

By offering GoodLink, ASP-One will enable its customers to securely access all Microsoft Outlook-functionality in real-time on a broad range of industry standards-based handheld devices, including Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and smartphones, Palm Powered™ devices, and, in the first half of 2006, Symbian-based Nokia devices.

“Through our relationship with Good Technology, we have significantly increased the number of devices through which we provide wireless access to our Exchange Hosting service,” said ASP-One CEO Amir Hudda. “This offering, in tandem with our other mobility services, allows our customers to be constantly connected, a requirement in today’s global marketplace.”

GoodLink provides enterprises with:

Continuous two-way wireless synchronization of all Microsoft Outlook functions, such as e-mail, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks;

Intuitive, Outlook-like interface with robust productivity features on popular, standards-based device platforms;

Enterprise-class, FIPS-certified security including end-to-end AES data encryption; and

Secure Over-The-Air™ device provisioning and management for improved TCO.
Good Technology recognizes that Exchange Hosting subscribers, in particular, value choice, flexibility, and a competitively priced solution,” stated Marque Watson, Director of Strategic Alliances, Good Technology. “Our integration with third-party messaging and collaboration applications from key partners like ASP-One enables our customers to view, edit, and interact with documents and attachments, providing the most complete laptop-like experience.