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hosted exchange intermediaIntermedia is the second largest hosted exchange provider in the U.S. Intermedia.NET has offered hosted Exchange since 2000, and is Microsoft Gold Certified as a leader in Exchange hosting. They are focused on small and medium businesses. Plans include: 1 GB mailboxes, free Outlook 2007/Entourage, free anti-virus and server-side anti-spam, free ActiveSync, a true 99.999% SLA with large rebates for you if it is not met. For ultimate reliability, Intermedia.NET runs service out of a Silicon Valley datacenter, with secondary datacenter in New York. With clustered servers and EMC storage area network, plus Cisco routers and switches, multiple redundant power feeds, backup generators and diverse backbone Internet connections, there is no place more resilient to run Exchange servers. Our Microsoft Gold Certified support team is available 24×7 for total management of your Exchange service.

Unique to Intermedia.NET is theirr HostPilot control panel. Available only from Intermedia.NET, it gives customers absolute control over their service via the Web. Set up mailboxes, public folders, permissions, SharePoint, wireless service anytime. Intermedia.NET offers both BlackBerry and GoodLink wireless messaging, always with the latest version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or GoodLink Server. We also include SharePoint and offer services like archiving, compliance and Fax via Email. It is simple to add new features through HostPilot.

Intermedia Exchange Hosting Features:

  • Exchange Concierge Service
  • 99.999% SLA
  • HostPilot Control Panel
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Fully Secure
  • Postini Spam and Anti-Virus Protection
  • 4 World Class Datacenters
  • ActiveSync
  • GoodLink Wireless
  • Blackberry Wireless

URL: http://www.Intermedia.NET
Phone: 800-379-7729
Price: $9.95/user/mo.


Intermedia, a provider of cloud services and a large Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, has launched mobile HostPilot, a mobile app for securely provisioning and managing cloud services, including hosted Exchange, online backup and mobility. The company’s  HostPilot Control Panel is now available as a mobile app on Android 2.1+ and iOS version 3.0+ devices — including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is also available as a web app on other platforms. So it’s pretty much everywhere.

HostPilot Control Panel provides business owners and IT managers with a single point of control over their Intermedia cloud services. Its features enable technical administration to be delegated to non-technical staff.

“Just like cloud services should be mobile, so should cloud control panels,” says Manlio Carrelli, CMO, Intermedia. “Our customers can securely access Intermedia cloud services, such as email and voice, through any of the various devices they rely on — from smartphones and tablets, to their home or work computer. Now, they can do the same with HostPilot via our mobile app.”


Intermedia have recently announced that it has achieved the Microsoft Gold Partner Status for the fifth year in a row. One of the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting providers, the company holds Gold Certifications in Unified Communications and Hosting and this year, acquired Gold Application Integration status as well.

The certification has validated Intermedia’s expertise in delivering Microsoft Products as well as the close working relationship Intermedia shares with Microsoft. The Application Integration status reflected the company’s ability to fully integrate Microsoft solutions for its client base, such as the company’s recent integration of hosted PBX voice service as well as Microsoft Exchange.  Its integrated approach gives businesses access to the best cloud services, but spares them from having to use multiple control panels or pay multiple bills.

The company also offers a full ecosystem of cloud-based business communications solutions that is created especially for small and medium sized enterprises. In addition to the hosted exchange 2010, Intermedia also offers Office Communications Server 2007, SharePoint 2010, hosted PBX, Conference Bridges, policy-based Encryption, mobility support that includes Blackberry, iPhone, Drpoid and a whole slew of other services.


Intermedia, the world’s largest Exchange hosting provider, has announced that it’s hosted Exchange service, including Exchange 2010, will be available on the new Windows Phone 7 the day it is available to customers. Using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Intermedia will configure the phones to wirelessly send and receive Exchange email, calendar invitations, contacts and more. Windows Phone 7 is being heralded as using an elegant operating system that is different from the current trend of app-focused smartphones.

Intermedia supports business email and collaboration on a full range of smartphones, including BlackBerry devices, the Apple iPhone, Android devices such as the Motorola Droid and Google’s Nexus One, and popular smartphones such as Palm Treo, Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash and the Samsung Blackjack.


Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, has announced a massive business push into Europe with a particular focus on the United Kingdom. It has launched an affiliate program to help complete this task. The program allows for other companies to deliver the same experience to consumers under the Intermedia brand name.

The company has also opened up a new datacentre in the UK. The datacentre is believed to be the only facility in the United Kingdom that provides hosted Exchange 2010 with clustering and redundant server infrastructure – technologies critical to the high reliability businesses expect for email service.

“UK small- and medium-sized businesses represent an important market for Intermedia,” Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia, said in a statement earlier this year. “By opening this datacentre, we are able to deliver in-country hosted communications that save companies up to 90 percent versus the cost of operating the same services internally.”

“The market for hosted Exchange is continuing to grow worldwide.” says Tony Cohen, senior business development manager, Intermedia. “In Europe alone, Radicati Group is predicting the number of hosted Exchange mailboxes to increase to 28 million by 2021, an annual growth rate of 19 percent. Our affiliate program provides resellers with a proven way of tapping in to this lucrative market and generating additional revenues, bolstered by the global strength of the Intermedia brand and the reliability of our premium hosted solutions. It is particularly appealing for smaller IT resellers, as we have made it easy for them to start selling our solutions, and respond quickly to the demands of their customers.”


Intermedia, Exchange hosting service extraordinaire, has put another feather in their already excessively sized cap. The company has announced a “Concierge” service for all new customers. Basically, this service makes an employee available to you from the get-go until you have things running smoothly. Think of it as your own private tutor, helping you smooth out those rough edges. Getting started with a hosting company can offer it’s own share of hurdles, after all.

If you are interested in checking out the program, or seeing what else the company has to offer, visit them on the web here.

Intermedia logo

The market’s number one Exchange hosting provider, New York-based Intermedia, announced this week that it will offer a 100 percent data protection guarantee for customer information stored within Exchange 2010. This is the first time a company has made such an offer, for Exchange or otherwise.

“Its not just meaningless words,” Bob Leibholz vice president of sales and business development says of the guarantee. “Our infrastructure replicates data across multiple data centers maintains several copies in the original data center as well as one in an alternate data center. And then we also have tape backup. Because there are so many copies of the data, we can guarantee that it will always be there.”
Intermedia currently works with 225,000 premium hosted Exchange users across several versions of the service. This guarantee should attract some more.

New affiliate program offers industry-leading commission plan for business email and Microsoft Exchange hosting

New York, NY – September 9, 2009 – Intermedia, the world’s largest provider of Microsoft Exchange hosting, announced a relationship with, a proven online affiliate network. This relationship will provide a powerful channel for new and existing Intermedia affiliates to take advantage of the growing demand for hosted Exchange, messaging, collaboration and web hosting services among small and medium businesses. Intermedia’s ShareASale affiliate marketing program will pay 100% commission on the first month’s sales.

Intermedia hosts over 200,000 corporate-class mailboxes and has already seen 55% growth in their affiliate program this year. With the addition of ShareASale, Intermedia provides a program for service providers, online marketers, web publishers and bloggers who are looking for easy-to-sell, profitable affiliate programs with high conversion rates. “We are glad to welcome Intermedia to the ShareASale performance marketing network,” said Carolyn Tang, director of Client Services for “Given their commitment to growing a strong affiliate channel, we’re sure they will experience great ROI on the platform.”

“We value every partner relationship we have, and we know affiliates will be successful if we give them the best affiliate program options available today. The ShareASale network is very important to us, it provides affiliates with more ways to promote Intermedia’s products and increase the volume of sales they make each month,” stated Christopher Gwynne, Business Development Manager with Intermedia. With this program, current and new Intermedia affiliates will have access to newly developed online banners, text links and other creatives to help drive traffic for Intermedia’s Exchange and Web Hosting solutions. As traffic converts to sales, affiliates will benefit from ShareASale’s award-winning sales tracking software and prompt payment of commissions. Intermedia continues to offer and expand its successful Private Label Partner program allowing MSPs and other technology providers to sell hosted Exchange completely under their own brand, as well as the existing affiliate program targeting consultants, MSPs and VARs with a co-branded commission-based model.

For more information on Intermedia’s new program through the ShareASale affiliate network visit

MSCS packages hosted Exchange email, other services aimed at small and medium-sized business owners

New York, NY – August 20, 2009 – Intermedia, the global leader in Exchange hosting, today announced the availability of online resources that its private label partners can use to promote Microsoft Communication Services (MSCS) – a marketing package of hosted Exchange email, SharePoint and Office Communications Server. The news comes on the heels of a July announcement from Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) that Intermedia is among a select group of companies it is working with to promote MSCS.

Intermedia and Microsoft’s marketing alliance is called Microsoft Communication Services from Intermedia. MSCS was designed to appeal directly to small and medium-sized business owners. The MSCS marketing resources that Intermedia and Microsoft developed will enable Intermedia’s partners to be more effective in marketing the productivity value of Microsoft Exchange email, SharePoint and Office Communications Server.

Intermedia partners are able to promote MSCS and other hosted Microsoft offerings under their own brand, managing the underlying services with a private label version of Intermedia’s proprietary control panel. According to Bob Leibholz, Intermedia’s vice president of sales and business development, “Small and medium-sized business owners view email, scheduling, and document sharing as communication tools. MSCS is a way to engage business owners using language that aligns with this view. It’s a marketing package in the best sense of the term, and we’re proud to make it available to our partners. We expect to accelerate our growth as a result of this marketing effort and help our partners do so as well.”

Developed by Microsoft, the MSCS marketing resources help Intermedia partners identify appropriate prospects and then engage them with compelling messages. The resources are available for download on Intermedia’s Partner Portal, which also includes resources for marketing Intermedia’s Exchange hosting and other hosted solutions. Resources specific to MSCS include email, letter, phone script, and web site templates to which Intermedia partners can apply their own branding.

Intermedia hosts over 200,000 premium Microsoft Exchange mailboxes – more than any other hosted Exchange provider – and over 400,000 mailboxes total. Intermedia’s partner program includes internationally recognized Fortune 500 brands as well as more than 3,500 small and medium-sized businesses – primarily managed service providers (MSPs) and other technology solution providers. The profitable 14-year old company offers migration services to transition its partners’ existing Exchange accounts with no disruption.

Partnership highlights reliability of Intermedia’s 99.999% SLA-backed Hosted Exchange email service

New York, NY – August 5, 2009 – Intermedia and Level Platforms, the global leader in remote monitoring and management software for solution providers and managed service providers (MSPs), today announced a partnership. Using Level Platforms’ Managed Workplace® dashboard, MSPs that sell Intermedia’s hosted Exchange can remotely monitor the availability and response time of each customer mailbox – alongside their customers’ on-premise network resources.

“Intermedia is making a strong statement about the reliability of its service,” says Ryck Marciniak, Level Platforms’ director of vendor alliances. “MSPs are now able to monitor the hosted Exchange and on-premise resources that combine to create their customers’ email experience. Issues like a poor T1 line connection can be detected and resolved remotely. This is about more than reducing support costs – it’s a revenue-generating monitoring service that MSPs can offer customers.”

Intermedia’s MSP partners sell the company’s hosted Exchange under their own brand, bundling it with services such as remote monitoring. Together with hosted Exchange, these higher margin offerings reduce MSPs’ reliance on lower margin on-site hardware support.

According to Robert Leibholz, Intermedia’s vice president of sales and business development, “Our partnership with Level Platforms highlights Intermedia’s commitment not only to service reliability, but also to providing MSPs with new opportunities to increase average revenue per customer.”

Intermedia’s partner program includes internationally recognized Fortune 500 brands as well as more than 3,500 small and medium-sized businesses – primarily MSPs and other technology solution providers. The profitable 14-year old company hosts over 200,000 premium Microsoft Exchange mailboxes – more than any other hosting provider – and over 400,000 mailboxes total. Intermedia offers MSPs migration services to transition their existing Exchange accounts with no disruption.

Level Platforms’ Managed Workplace with support for Intermedia’s hosted Exchange is now generally available. Intermedia is exhibiting at CompTIA Breakaway, August 3-6, 2009 in Las Vegas at booth #220.

Partnership enables Kentico customers to increase productivity and reliability by running solution on Intermedia’s award winning Windows Web hosting platform.

Nashua, NH – July 16, 2009 – Kentico, the Web content management system vendor, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Intermedia, the leading software-as -a-service (SaaS) provider specializing in messaging and collaboration solutions, to provide customers with a turnkey hosted solution for its Kentico CMS platform. Kentico customers can install and run the Kentico CMS on any of Intermedia’s Windows Web hosting platforms – without any technical expertise required.

In an environment where small businesses are trying to do more with fewer resources, Kentico’s partnership with Intermedia provides SMBs with a solution that lets them quickly design and build advanced, content-driven web sites. Intermedia’s hosted web platform lets customers run these sites in the cloud, without having to incur the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware. Plus, Intermedia’s expert technical support team provides customers with 24 x 7 support to ensure problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

“We at Kentico are fully driven to deliver the most comprehensive, reliable and fully customizable web content management system. This does not include any hosting services, which we want to keep for the real professionals in the field. That is why we are happy to introduce Intermedia as our new hosting partner” says Petr Passinger, Kentico’s Partner Manager. “Our partnership with Intermedia will enable us to offer our clients enterprise-grade, outstandingly reliable, 24×7 supported professional hosting service.”

“Small business customers need a platform that enables them to build, modify and update web sites quickly, without costly investments in developers or designers,” said Anna Silchenko, Intermedia’s product manager for web hosting solutions. “Kentico lets customers manage web sites without complex IT skills, enabling them to rapidly develop and deploy dynamic, content-driven web sites. The solution is ideal for Intermedia’s SMB customer base.”

About Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS is an affordable Web content management solution providing a complete set of features for building Web sites, community sites, intranets and on-line stores on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform. It supports WYSIWYG Web content editing, workflow, multiple languages, full-text search, SEO, online forms, image galleries, forums, blogs, polls, media libraries and 200 configurable Web parts. It’s being used by more than 2000 Web sites in 74 countries. The clients include Microsoft, Vodafone, Gibson, Bayer, ESPN, Guinness, Medibank, and others. Kentico CMS is available at