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Exchange Hosting ‘Simply Mail Solutions

hosted exchange simply mail solutionsSimply Mail Solutions is an international email hosting company. They provide innovative, reliable and cost effective email services to customers all over the world from their home base in the UK.  Simply Mail Solutiosn offers not just basic email but a wide a range of packages from an advanced POP3 solution SMS NexGen to more sophisticated packages which include business productivity tools and email access via mobile phones (MS Exchange and Zimbra Collaboration Suite).

They offer various addons such as advanced anti-spam solutions and of course domain registration. They’ve invested in top class infrastructure with servers installed in two of the worlds top collocation facilities and also by designing systems specifically for email.  Additionally they have invested heavily in secure backup solutions to further increase the reliability customers need.

Simply Mail Solutions offers a unique multi-currency billing system (currently GB£, US$ and €) allow our international customers to choose the currency most convenient for them, with known costs.

Exceptional sales and after sales support are the other things that have contributed to the success of SMS. They listen to feedback from users and are quick to address users’ needs.

SMS is from the same team that set up and ran one of the first and most successful UK Internet Service providers – U-NET Limited. Started in 1994 and a consistent innovator and winner of many awards U-NET built up a tremendous reputation for quality and reliability.

Simply Mail Solutions Hosted Exchange Features:

  • Full Outlook Web Access
  • Apple Mac Support
  • Free choice of Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007
  • Free Entourage for Mac OS X
  • ActiveSync
  • Out of office Assitant
  • Blackberry BES (compatible with SMS blackberry addon)
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus Protection
  • Custom Domains
  • Server Backup of your Data

Phone: 202-629-9067
Price: $11.99/month or $9.99/month w/year contract

SMS MS Exchange Mailboxes now a massive 2GB of storage for only ?4.99 per month

Warrington, UK, Tuesday 8th September 2009. Simply Mail Solution has announced that the mailbox size for MS Exchange has been increased to 2GB with monthly charges remaining the same.

Commented Colin Smith, Managing Director of SMS: ?With storage and attachment sizes consistently growing at a rate of 35% per year we have decided that it is time to provide our customers with more space. We have therefore increased our standard storage size to 2GB. For users who need even more than that we now offer our Executive package providing unlimited email storage*?.

Colin Smith further commented: ?From today all MSE mailboxes will be upgraded to 2GB of storage. Existing customers with MS Exchange Executive mailboxes, which were 2GB will have mailbox limits* removed shortly. All new customers will obviously have the new storage sizes applied to their mailboxes immediately?.

Especially for small and medium sized enterprises hosted MS Exchange email services are extremely cost-effective and with the increased storage size from Simply Mail Solutions it will help businesses to keep the costs for their email solutions as low as possible. MSE is the leading paid for email and collaboration suite providing calendars, tasks and contacts with sharing of information between colleagues in a business leading to greatly increased productivity. Storage space is a major factor in the decision new users make between different paid for email hosting companies.

For more details of SMS see:

*Subject to Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy.

simply mail solutions

UK’s Simply Mail Solutions has announced that the network wide upgrade of MS Exchange Server 2007 to MS Exchange Server 2010 has been completed. This is great news for their varied customer base.

“For us, it was a logical step to go as the technical changes for the hosted version of MS Exchange 2010 are considerable. Following our mission we are constantly working to keep up with the latest technology and so we decided to upgrade our servers to MS Exchange 2010. This also ensures that our customers can profit from all features that MS Exchange 2010 mailboxes have to offer. We have put a major amount of effort into making the change over as smooth and trouble free as possible and not rushed this upgrade onto the market.” Said Keith Pritchard, CTO.

“Also with constantly increasing message sizes and email traffic storage often becomes an issue. With Exchange 2010 we are now able to offer up to 25GB of storage to our power users on our Executive package still ensuring a reliable and robust service. Another feature that is especially important for mobile users that rely on web access is the highly improved Outlook Web App (OWA). Not only does OWA now fully support all common browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and of course Internet Explorer but it also provides enhanced message search facilities within an interface that is very similar to the Outlook email client. It therefore ensures easy navigation even if a user is away from the office keeping productivity levels high.”

SMS to upgrade its network infrastructure to cope with growth

Warrington, UK, Wednesday 5th August 2009. Leading UK email hosting company SMS has announced that it has joined RIPE (R?seaux IP Europ?ens) NCC which is the European Internet Registry that provides Internet resource allocations, registration services and co-ordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally. RIPE is a major part of the Internet?s ?plumbing? which keeps the whole thing running. By doing so SMS will be able to control and develop its own Internet infrastructure and connectivity to meet the growing demand from individuals and small businesses for its services.

Commented Keith Pritchard, Technical Director of SMS ?Even though we are a hosting company rather than an ISP we have reached the point in our growth where we need to take control of our own network. By doing this (and joining the RIPE is an essential step) we will be able to ensure more diversity of our connections to the Internet, develop our facilities in secure hosting centres such as Telecity and smoothly increase our bandwidth?.

The network upgrade will take place over the coming month as new routers and new connections to the Internet are installed. Existing customers will not in general experience any disruption and will be notified of the changes well in advance. Looking further ahead SMS have found that larger potential customers that have been in discussions regarding outsourcing their email have indicated that they expect SMS to be running its own network and hence having greater control over its quality of service.
RIPE is at:

For more details of SMS see:

Top Hosting Company Simply Mail Solutions continues to expand consistently

Warrington, UK, Tuesday 23rd June 2009. Simply Mail Solution has announced that the number of paid for mailboxes hosted by SMS has recently exceeded 10,000. SMS is one of the UK leaders in the in the market for professional and business hosted email.

Commented Colin Smith, Managing Director of SMS: ?This number is marking another important milestone in our company history. Our customer base is constantly growing and we have now customers in 40 countries worldwide: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Mexico, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, USA and of course the UK?.

Colin Smith further commented: ?The volume of emails passing through our servers is now (mid June 2009) exceeding 10 million per month. The largest amounts of messages are being handled between 1000 and 1100 GMT and the minimum traffic occurs between 0300 and 0400 GMT but it is still very busy due to our international user base?.

For more details of SMS see:

Simply Mail Solutions sends out Comprehensive Marketing kit to help resellers sell more!

Warrington, UK, Tuesday May 19th 2009. Simply Mail Solutions, leading email hosting company, has announced that it is supporting its resellers in their sales efforts with a comprehensive kit of marketing material. It includes posters, leaflets and display material. By selling email services resellers can help customers cut costs and improve their business performance.

Commented Colin Smith (Managing Director): ?We found that tangible promotion material enhances the awareness among staff and increased product awareness tends to automatically drive sales and consequently our resellers? revenues. We also have had many positive comments from our resellers. They feel that the posters and leaflets will help them to push our hosting products more easily to their customers?.

SMS offers three different reseller programmes which range from referral commissioning to white label re-sale of SMS? hosting services with commissions of up to 20%. In more detail the programmes are divided in:

Commission Programme
Commission resellers can sell all of SMS? products for generous commissions ? a percentage of every new customer?s revenue in the first year. Resellers do not have to generate any minimum sales.

Discount Programme
This programme is perfect for hosting resellers. There are no start-up fees or minimum sales; resellers just need to have their own account with SMS worth over ?100 per year. Discount resellers also have the freedom to set their own prices and will also support their own customers with minor issues.

Package Programme
With this white label reseller programme SMS will provide their resellers with their own Control Panel for customers to administer and set-up their mailboxes. The interfaces can be customised with the reseller?s logo and information ? to all intents and purposes that they are providing the services in their own name.

For more details of SMS? reseller programmes see:

Simply Mail Solutions hosts professional email solution for Honcho SFX

Warrington, UK, Tuesday February 10th 2009. Simply Mail Solutions, leading email hosting company, has announced that it is strongly interested in supporting SMEs like Honcho SFX ? a successful online retailer specialised in selling fashionable t-shirts that are worn by icons such as Paris Hilton, Daisy Lowe, Hayden Pannetierre and Rihanna.

Commented Colin Smith (Managing Director): ?With hosted services all sizes of business can now take advantage of the extra features available with the latest email systems and significantly leverage their productivity. Despite the fact that Honcho SFX are still a small business they have realised what advantages MS Exchange can have even for a smaller venture?.

Working from multiple locations Honcho SFX?s team members can now access their emails from wherever they connect and benefit from calendar scheduling, contact sharing and task organisation, i.e. the full collaboration features that MS Exchange offers.

Commented Amy Duckworth, Owner: ?We spent months looking for the best Exchange hosting company and we believe that we found it with SMS. We were able to speak to the tech guys at SMS and found their knowledge unsurpassed. It is also of an advantage that SMS are located in the UK. The final kicker however in favour of SMS is the price and the fact that they are catering for businesses of all sizes?.

For more details of SMS see:

Top Hosting Company Simply Mail Solutions continues to expand in spite of recession

Warrington, UK, Tuesday 27th January 2009.? Leading computer publication ?Computer Weekly? gives a number of tips for the IT department of companies aimed at helping through the recession in its 26th January edition (pp 17 and 19). On Outsourcing it states ?One of the key benefits ? is expected to be software as a service particularly for new projects in areas such as collaboration and messaging. This covers everything from hosted email and related services such as anti-virus scanning to enabling users to share documents and virtual presentations?.

Commented Colin Smith, Managing Director of SMS ?Our growth has continued as companies increasingly look to outsource their email. SMS is unique amongst the larger email hosters in offering the market leader Microsoft Exchange 2007, our best seller, and as an alternative an Open Source collaboration suite from Zimbra?.

Technical Director Keith Pritchard added ?It is very interesting that the CW article also recommends Virtualisation Technology to reduce costs of servers. We made this move during 2008 and are already reaping the benefits although for us it is the server management that gives us major plus from Virtualisation. This is because we are continually adding and configuring servers as we add more users including dedicated servers for larger users?.

Computer Weekly is at:

and the article can be accessed online for registered users.

For more details of SMS see:

Simply Mail Solutions upgrades to MS Exchange 2007

Warrington, UK, Monday January 12th 2009. Simply Mail Solutions, leading email hosting company, has announced that it is upgrading from MS Exchange Server 2003 to MS Exchange Server 2007.

Commented Keith Pritchard (Technical Director) ?For us, it was a logical step to go as the technical changes for MS Exchange 2007 are considerable. Following our mission we need to keep up with the latest technology and so we decided to switch our servers to MS Exchange 2007. This also ensures that our customers can profit from all services and features that MS Exchange 2007 mailboxes have to offer. We have put a major amount of effort into making the change over as smooth and trouble free as possible and not rushed this upgrade onto the market.?

Changes in Outlook 2007 might not be considerable but customers can now benefit from an extremely improved web interface when they are on the go. Regional settings can be adjusted easily and customers that were annoyed by a poor out-of-office agent will be delighted to see the improved version. In addition, Windows Mobile 6 can now use html when connected to a MS Exchange 2007 mailbox which is part of SMS? product range. SMS? SharePoint customers will also gain from the new version as their users on the move can access documents on the shared server via the web interface of MS Exchange 2007.

Users also get extra control of their Windows Mobile devices and for example can cancel the use of a mobile if it is stolen or goes missing therefore reducing the risk of unauthorised access to their network and data.

New users are immediately installed on the Exchange 2007 platform whilst existing users will be migrated in due course. Because SMS uses Virtual Server technology it does not have a major issue with implementing and reconfiguring server hardware for this upgrade and can respond flexibly as users migrate. Capacity released by the migration can easily and transparently be redeployed.

For more details of SMS see:

Customers stay connected across organisational and geographical borders.

Warrington, UK, Monday December 8th, 2008. Simply Mail Solutions, the leading email hosting company, has added Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to its existing hosting products.

In the increasingly globalised business world many business applications cannot be dealt with by inflexible standard software. Windows SharePoint however allows creation of a single workspace for teams to coordinate schedules, to organise documents and to participate in discussions across geographical and organisational boundaries. With wikis and blogs it is also possible to create forums for brainstorming ideas, building knowledge bases, or gathering information in an easy to edit format with new 40 templates provided by Microsoft. The templates provided cover most business areas including HR, IT operations, Marketing and industry specific applications.

Commented Colin Smith (MD): ?SharePoint technology is an important tool for many businesses nowadays. Considering the general shift for companies to outsource their IT to hosting companies like SMS, SharePoint hosting is a developing market that we fully want to be part of. In addition, many of the arguments apply to SharePoint hosting as to email hosting including the maintenance of servers, no capital cost for the customer and servers are located in high quality and reliable environments ? all to the benefit of our customers?

For more details of SMS see:

Simply Mail Solutions International customers now have choice of Billing in US$ and ? as well as GBP?

Warrington, UK, Thursday October 15th, 2008. ?Simply Mail Solutions, the leading email hosting company, has given customers the opportunity to order and have their billing in US Dollars and in Euros.

SMS has customers in over 35 countries including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, USA, UK and Zambia although the great majority of customers are in the UK and USA.

Commented Colin Smith ?Obviously, from our results so far, we are a competitive mail hosting company for people around the world but we felt that our potential for growth was being held back by only charging in ?Sterling so we have added US $ and the Euro ? and have the capability of adding other currencies later. We do most of our 24/7 support by email but have also added local phone numbers for a number of territories ?

For more details of SMS see: