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Ceryx Release Customer Center Control Panel with Enhanced Administrative Control

Posted by admin as Ceryx, Press Releases

TORONTO, March 10th, 2009 – Ceryx Inc, the leading provider of secure and reliable hosted and managed Microsoft® Exchange and messaging solutions, has released the latest version of its Customer Center (CC) control panel, a web-based application used by administrators and end-users to manage and control all aspects of the Ceryx offering, including: Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Anti-SPAM and Mobility offerings.

“With each release of the CC we are trying to strike the balance between pure ‘cloud’ apps, that deliver low complexity and limited control, and on-premise installations that deliver complete configurability. The challenge with a lot of completely configurable software is that senior staff is required to perform even simple operations.” says Dr. Dave Penny, CIO, Ceryx Inc. “I think with the CC we have struck the right balance. All operations are simply performed, and the scope of control available is such that it satisfies the needs of even quite complex organizations.”

This latest release delivers a number of new enhancements geared towards putting control in the hands of administrators and end-users. Through the CC, administrators now have the ability to set message size limits, use ‘send-as’ functionality, set custom storage quota warnings or mandate global email footer messages or disclaimers, as required by many organizations for compliance purposes. Users will also find the ability to view and submit support tickets directly through the Ceryx CC as well as the ability to update all corporate contact information and identify employees that have ‘named caller’ privileges.

Administrators will continue to see improvements around Organizational Group functionality – a feature unique to the Ceryx CC that provides top-level administrators the ability to create functional groups within the organization that have isolated, delegated privileges assigned to the group administrator.

This functionality includes such things as Global Address List management within a functional group and separate billing provisions. This feature has proven to be invaluable when dealing with large distributed organizations, companies with autonomous business units and franchisors that have large, independent franchisees.

Future releases will continue to build upon features and functionality that extend real control to larger organizations that have outsourced their messaging to Ceryx. The Ceryx CC is a unified management interface that brings together several critical IT messaging platforms, allowing administrators to control everything from BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) management to corporate messaging Anti-Virus and SPAM management.

Ceryx is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner and a member of the Gold Certified Excellence Program. With operations in Toronto and New York, as well as Tier 4 redundant data centers in both cities, Ceryx’s team of senior messaging professionals have met Fortune 500 companies’ messaging needs across North America for more than 17 years. Ceryx offers clients a suite of messaging services that include hosted and managed e-mail systems, e-mail security, mobility solutions as well as message archiving and compliance services.

For more information, please contact:
Gus Harsfai
Ceryx Inc.
[email protected]
(416) 482-9659 ext. 101

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