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Contract Win: Pinnacle Staffing Group plc

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Nasstar plc (“Nasstar”, AIM: NASA) has been appointed by Pinnacle Staffing Group plc Pinnacle”, AIM: PCL), one of the UK’s leading suppliers of temporary and permanent healthcare staff, to provide cloud computing to replace its current locally-installed computer system.

The appointment of Nasstar will enable Pinnacle’s staff to access their computer and software applications over the internet rather than using an on-premise computer with locally installed software.

The contract, which commences in March 2008, is for an initial period of 3 years and covers subscriptions for over 150 of Pinnacle’s current staff.  Nasstar’s services will be provided on a per user per month subscription basis.

Charles Black, Nasstar plc Chief Executive said

“We are delighted to have been appointed by Pinnacle. With large numbers of staff spread across over 30 offices, Nasstar’s cloud computing means that they can work from anywhere with access to their computer and company files over the internet. This approach removes the need for complex networking and data sharing technologies as well as removing the burden of installing and maintaining local computers which is both costly and time consuming.”

Jacqui Skinner, Chief Executive of Pinnacle said

“With over 30 office locations around the UK maintaining the computers in each office is costly and inefficient. Nasstar’s cloud computing service enables us to provide all our staff with the latest enterprise technology accessible not only from any of our office locations but also from home. The appointment of Nasstar will produce substantial cost savings whilst providing the latest technology and maximum flexibility for our geographically diverse operations.”

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