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CPA2Biz and Apptix Uses Exchange to Launch E-mail Service for CPA Firms

Posted by ryan as Apptix, News, Press Releases


CPA2Biz, who handle marketing for the American Institute of CPAs’ products and services, have announced that they have teamed up with Apptix to launch an e-mail service for CPAs nationwide. Apptix is a renowned Exchange hosting company so the rest is, how shall we say, history.

This move will allow even the smaller CPA firms to access e-mail via Outlook, Entourage and Outlook Web Access; back up and secure e-mail data; use built-in anti-spam and anti-virus protection; manage contact lists; and simplify scheduling with shared calendars.

Here is what CPA2Biz chief executive Erik Asgeirsso has to say about the move:

“CPA2Biz Email Solutions offers firms improved e-mail functionality at a competitive price and promotes a more professional appearance to current and prospective clients,” he said.
“CPA firms will now have a compelling alternative to hosting their e-mail in-house or using one of the basic e-mail service offerings from one of the many free or low-cost providers ” he added. “We believe this will become one of our leading offerings. There is a very strong value proposition for firms; it’s business-class e-mail with no internal IT costs.”

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