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HP Plans Major Enterprise Push for TouchPad

Posted by ryan as Hewlett-Packard, News

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HP’s hopeful iPad killer, the TouchPad, is planning a massive Enterprise push in the coming year. This would be quite nice considering how annoying it can be to get an iPad hooked up.

The TouchPad is “enterprise ready,” says HP’s David Gee, vice president of marketing and enterprise solution for the Palm Global Business Unit. He oversees the marketing strategy for all webOS devices as well as development of webOS-based “solutions” for business customers.

“Since we have one of the world’s largest [IT] service organizations and software for IT management and security, for application development quality assurance and security, and experience in how we run data centers, the real opportunity is in asking, ‘What lessons can we learn from all this and then build into webOS?’” Gee says.

But will it matter? After all, keyboards are part and parcel of the business world.

“HP needs to target the TouchPad at the enterprise, but it must build in enough features to make it attractive for enterprise users,” says Jack Gold, principal of J. Gold Associates, a Massachusetts-based strategic consulting firm. “But it’s going to be hard-pressed to go against the momentum of the iPad, even though the iPad is not especially enterprise-friendly in terms of security and management.”

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