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Landscaping Company Reaches Out to Branch Office with Latest Microsoft Technology

Posted by admin as LanLogic, Press Releases

“This new solution from Microsoft gives us the remote access we need to stay connected. We can now seamlessly access e-mails, documents, and schedules from all of our branch offices.”
Jody Morrissey, Owner, JPA Landscape & Construction

JPA carries out commercial landscaping services across the San Francisco Bay area. As the company grew to more than 100 employees, it faced challenges with e-mail, file sharing, calendar scheduling and providing stable remote access for a branch office. After implementing Microsoft Windows Small Business Server with terminal services, JPA gained more productivity, improved scheduling of projects and solid remote access for branch workers.

Business Needs
JPA Landscape & Construction provides a full range of commercial landscape services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As the company grew to more than 100 employees and opened a branch office, it found that the Microsoft technology it had installed many years before no longer was meeting its needs and was eager to upgrade from Microsoft Windows 2000 to a later, more advanced Windows server.

With more people and more locations, JPA was having difficulty in its current configuration with e-mail, file sharing and calendar scheduling. Productivity was suffering as an increasing number of employees spent hours trying to share more files. Customer relationships were impacted because scheduling with clients was uncertain when e-mail and calendaring were overtaxed. Additionally, remote access for the branch office was sporadic. JPA looked to a more powerful and flexible server to support its growing staff both in the main office and remotely.

Working with Microsoft Gold Certified partner Lanlogic, of Livermore, California, JPA implemented Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 (SBS) with terminal services to enable secure access to the server from remote sites. Lanlogic developed a new IT network for JPA that created a truly collaborative work environment with safe and seamless remote access for the branch office. All of the user profiles and data were migrated to SBS so that users could retain the same identities and group permissions they had been using. Within two weeks of launching the implementation, JPA had begun operating with its new IT network.

With its advanced Microsoft technology, JPA is functioning much more productively and is able to attract more new business than it could manage previously. The solution is helping to drive process improvements, cost reductions in regaining lost time, a stable e-mail and calendaring system, and solid contact with branch office employees.

  • JPA is gaining improvements in business intelligence, communication and collaboration.
    By eliminating the time previously spent locating lost information and making duplicate entries, JPA has reduced its costs.
  • The company now is better able to schedule client projects for efficiency.
  • Workers in the branch office now have highly reliable access to the server. As a result, the process of working with company files, e-mail, calendars and client contacts has become consistent and seamless.

Customer: JPA Landscape & Construction
Web Site:
Customer Size: 100-5,000
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Landscaping & Construction
Partner: Lanlogic

Customer Profile
JPA Landscape & Construction, founded in Pleasanton, Calif., provides a balanced and complete line of landscaping services for commercial, retail and residential properties across the Bay area.

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