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LightEdge Enhances Voice-over-IP Service with Major Upgrade

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DES MOINES, IA, October 30, 2008 – LightEdge, the leading hosted services partner dedicated to the full breadth of communications and IT needs for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), today announced a full voice platform upgrade to refresh hardware and enable new features for business customers by updating the softswitch application. This infrastructure overhaul will allow LightEdge to continue growing its voice service customer base and will serve the future of the company through an inherently scalable engineering design.

“This initiative is really a testament to our commitment to driving service levels and functionality by implementing cutting-edge technology,” Jeff Springborn, president and COO of LightEdge. “Through the upgrade, our Voice-over-IP customers will begin to receive valuable new calling features without any additional costs. Continuous evolution is one of the big advantages of a hosted voice system.”

Several new voice features will become available through the initial platform, with additional features released to customers over the next six months.

Busy Lamp Field – Displays a call state indicator on the handset for users that are being monitored.
Call Forward (Not Reachable) – This is an essential business continuity feature for automating call forwarding in a crisis situation. If the platform can’t connect with an office because of a line cut, power loss or other outage the call will automatically be rerouted to a predetermined alternate phone number.
Diversion Inhibitor – Can be used in conjunction with any Call Forwarding service to ensure that call goes to voice mail after the appropriate number of rings rather than continuing to ring an alternate phone.
Updated Receptionist Console – A new look and feel to the receptionist console allows front office staff to quickly see the activity state of users on the phone system to efficiently manage and distribute all incoming calls.
Updated Advanced Voice Solutions Integrated Toolbar – Allows users to access voice features from a toolbar within Outlook or Internet Explorer.
“At a time when the benefits of Voice-over-IP are resonating in the market, we are re-investing in our voice platform to ensure that we continue to have the highest level of service and leading feature-set available,” remarked Mike McHenry, Director of Product Development for LightEdge. “Our product development team has developed a great deal of momentum through the past six months and will soon be working to further integrate voice into our other communications offerings. Competitively, this puts LightEdge in an enviable position.”

The next development milestone for the LightEdge AVS platform is to integrate the voice platform with the hosted communication and collaboration applications within the “LightEdge Connected Office” suite. This will allow voice functionality from within Microsoft Communicator and presence indicators in Exchange, SharePoint and Communicator. Full integration is expected by Q1 2009.

About LightEdge
LightEdge is the only hosted services partner fully dedicated to providing a full breadth of communications and IT services to small and medium-sized businesses looking for a better way to focus on their core business, not the technology that supports it. For more information, visit

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