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Delivers Secure, Device Agnostic Mobility Services To Enterprises On-Demand

MILFORD, CT – July 15, 2008 – Perimeter eSecurity subsidiary, USA.NET, announced today their Unified Mobility Platform (UMP) now also includes the latest iPhone 2.0 SDK to deliver secure, device agnostic mobile messaging services to enterprises on-demand. Enterprise employees are now free to select the device of their choice and have it fully integrated with their Hosted Microsoft Exchange implementation, making it easy to accommodate business and personal needs via a single device. With UMP, enterprises can now satisfy technology populists without the costs associated with deploying new platforms, service upgrades, employee certifications and providing 24X7 support for multiple devices. Unlike in-house business email systems that often need to limit mobility choices to reduce the total cost of ownership and minimize complexity, USA.NET’s email hosting customers enjoy the ability to select the device that best suits their business needs and lifestyle, and do so on a user-by-user basis.

“With all of the challenges IT organizations face supporting mobility there isn’t a one size fits all device or platform,” Doug Howard, Chief Strategy Officer, Perimeter eSecurity and President, USA.NET. “Gone are the days when enterprises could dictate what platform their employees will use. CIO’s are feeling pressure to support numerous devices such as the iPhone and at the same time to apply consistent governance policies across the enterprise. UMP facilitates this by applying an audit trail for archiving emessaging, ediscovery, patch management, etc. within an industry leading environment of layered security and regulatory compliance.”

Up until now CIOs have had to grapple with a myriad of devices that generate platform conflicts, security issues and support nightmares while facing a user population of device evangelists who refuse to standardize. USA.NET’s UMP eliminates the need to understand intricacies of different messaging architectures such as, ActiveSync, Good™ Mobile Messaging and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. This SaaS offering is supported by 50 pre-integrated IT security and eMessaging archiving services from parent company, Perimeter eSecurity, and implements corporate governance and security policies compliant with the Federal regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA and HIPAA.

According to Michele Pelino’s July 2008 report titled Demand Insights: Enterprise Mobility 2008 from Forrester Research, “82% of firms report that they support more than one device type — and it’s only going to get worse. With Technology Populism — the phenomena of employees bringing consumer technology to work and demanding to use it — employees are already asking, and will continue to ask, to use their favorite personal device, such as the iPhone, at work to access email and other corporate information.”

“Few hosted emessaging service providers possess the years of experience in supporting multiple devices on a unified platform or the ability to leverage direct partnerships with Microsoft and BlackBerry/RIM to offer best of breed integrated services, all within the context of a comprehensive security environment,” said Sara Radicati, President & CEO, Radicati Group . “A cost effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution such as UMP enables IT Depts. to benefit from the latest upgrades and integrations without impact to their IT infrastructure, risk profile or support framework.”

UMP integrates the newly released iPhone 2.0 SDK with ActiveSync® for Windows Mobile® devices and with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, Good™ Mobile Messaging, and other leading handheld device management software. All handheld devices will be able to access all of Microsoft Exchange’s rich, productive and secure mobile features, including always-synched wireless email, calendars, contacts and more. All of this comes with USA.NET’s award winning 24X7X365 support and with the ability to remote kill a device anywhere and at any time. The latest features include:

* Secure Push email, contacts, calendar events and more
* Global Address List (GAL) support
* More security than IMAP / POP3 functionality
* Ability to view Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, and iWork attachments exactly as designed

Cited as the “Top Player” for the hosted business email market by The Radicati Group, Inc., USA.NET, The Global Secure eMessaging Service Provider®, is the only hosting provider that is SAS 70 Type II Audited, Microsoft Gold Certified, a member of the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program for Exchange, and winner of the 2006 Microsoft Excellence Award for Exchange Hosting Solutions. USA.NET eMessaging solutions are modular and infinitely scalable to ensure customers can grow their business without having to invest additional resources, time or capital into their mission-critical messaging infrastructure. USA.NET is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perimeter eSecurity. More information about USA.NET visit

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