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Exchange Hosting for July, 2003


LiveOffice Corp. Announces ComplianceCheck™

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TORRANCE, Calif., July 28, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, the leader in compliance technology for financial services professionals nationwide, today announced the addition of its proprietary ComplianceCheck’ feature to AdvisorMail (, an end-to-end monitoring, archiving and retrieval solution for email and instant messages (IM) designed specifically for financial services organizations. Operating similar to word processing spell checks, this new feature enables financial representatives to pre-screen their emails against LiveOffice’s proprietary eSupervisor’ lexicon of compliance words and phrases prior to sending an email message.

“ComplianceCheck’ will significantly reduce the workload on the compliance departments within financial service organizations,” said Ann Davis, director of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “In fact, preliminary testing of the product indicates that our ComplianceCheck’ feature will reduce the number of emails that require a compliance officer’s review by over 75 percent.”

AdvisorMail’s new ComplianceCheck ‘ feature:

  • Takes the guesswork out of regulated email communications by performing a thorough review of all outbound emails using LiveOffice’s proven library of compliance words and phrases and highlighting questionable language in red Reduces the supervisory burden on compliance officers and Offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJs) by providing a real-time review of email messages as they are composed by the field representative
  • Expedites email communications between firm representatives and their clients, while ensuring that any questionable language is stopped at the source

LiveOffice’s AdvisorMail enables Compliance Departments to electronically monitor, retain and archive thousands of emails, attachments and instant messages (IM) in a single and secure location. AdvisorMail’s robust monitoring capabilities ensure that financial services firms can easily comply with all the regulatory requirements of SEC Rules 17a-3, 17a-4, NASD rule 3010(d) as well as NASD’s June 17, 2003 Notice to Members outlining the proper handling of instant message (IM) communications.

ComplianceCheck’ will be available to existing and new AdvisorMail customers in early August 2003.

TORRANCE, Calif., July 14, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products to businesses of all sizes, today announced the availability of the latest version of LiveSiteManager (, which enables business owners to interact in real-time with customers and prospects through emails, web sites and online auction pages. The newest release of LiveSiteManager allows users to view what items a visitor has added or deleted from their shopping cart and enables them to initiate an instant messaging (IM) session with shoppers at any time during their navigation of an e-commerce site.

Transparent to online shoppers, LiveSiteManager’s new shopping cart viewer puts Internet retailers in touch with shoppers at the most critical point of purchase the virtual shopping cart. By simply clicking a tab in LiveSiteManager’s administration console, online store operators see the exact items and quantities a visitor has added to their cart. Using this information, support personnel are able to answer questions and proactively offer advice to online store browsers through LiveOffice’s IM technology. Online shoppers benefit from real-time access to knowledgeable company representatives who can provide them with instant answers to product questions and suggest additional items that may compliment their existing purchases.

LiveSiteManager’s shopping cart feature enables online retailers to:

  • Determine the success of online advertising by matching the search words customers used to find a web site with the actual contents of their shopping cart
  • Maximize selling opportunities when customers’ interest level is highest by viewing their existing shopping cart contents and cross promoting related products
  • Increase the effectiveness of customer support personnel by using transcripts of previous chat sessions as training materials to give them a better understanding of customer purchasing behaviors
  • Close more sales by identifying, understanding and proactively preventing shopping cart abandonment at the point of purchase

Online shoppers visiting sites equipped with LiveSiteManager will enjoy a level of human interaction similar to an in-store shopping experience from the convenience of their PC, without the hassle of dialing an 800-number or waiting for an email response.

“LiveSiteManager is designed to provide retailers of all sizes with the information and interactive technologies they need to maximize online sales results and improve customer interaction,” said Andy Estep, vice president of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “LiveSiteManager’s goal is to duplicate the in-store experience as closely as possible for online shoppers, giving them the opportunity to interact in real-time with knowledgeable company representatives. At the same time, retailers have the ability to greatly increase the value of each sales transaction.”

LiveSiteManager is an interactive sales and marketing solution that enables businesses of any size to connect with customers and prospects in real-time via a proprietary instant messaging (IM) and web analytics technology that can be instantly integrated into web sites, emails, online auction pages, banner advertisements and more. The new version of the product is currently available to existing customers at no additional charge.