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Exchange Hosting for 2003

TORRANCE, Calif., December 23, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation’s ( LiveSiteManager ( product has been named as a finalist in Small Business Computing’s 2003 Excellence in Technology Awards. The awards recognize technology products that made 2003 a more productive and profitable year for small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

LiveSiteManager is the leading real-time sales, marketing and customer support solution available to SMBs today. Determined by readers and the editors of Small Business Computing, E-Commerce Guide, Webopedia and HardwareCentral, LiveSiteManager earned its finalist status by helping SMBs achieve drastic increases in their online sales results throughout 2003.

“LiveSiteManager is the heart and soul of how we communicate with our customers,” said Karen Wilson, program director for “This product has produced great results for us by increasing the level of support and training we are able to provide to our customers.”

Facilitating bi-directional communication between online buyers and sellers through an easy-to-use instant message interface, LiveSiteManager closely duplicates the in-store shopping experience, providing customers with the information they need to successfully complete their purchases. In addition, the product’s rich desktop sharing and presentation functionality enables support staff to take control of a user’s desktop and quickly troubleshoot technical issues or assist with software downloads.

“At a time when the small to midsize business market is attracting the attention of almost every hardware, software and service vendor, the goal of our awards is to pick the best-of- the-breed in a wide range of categories,” said Dan Muse, executive editor of’s Small Business Channel. “While large enterprises may have the luxury of experimenting with products and technology, smaller companies need to get it right the first time. That’s where the Excellence in Technology Awards’ finalists can really make a difference.”

Online votes for LiveSiteManager and the other finalists can be cast at The voting process runs until January 9, 2004. Winners will be announced on January 19, 2004.

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 15, 2003 - Today at JupiterMedia’s Fall 2003 Instant Messaging Planet conference, LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of enterprise Internet technologies and services packaged and priced for the small to medium-sized business market, announced that it has begun beta testing its IMConferencing (IMC) product, the first real-time collaboration application that seamlessly integrates the immediacy of instant messaging (IM) with the powerful features of traditional web conferencing.

From any Internet-connected PC, IMC users are able to launch impromptu or scheduled web meetings directly from IM sessions. During the course of a chat session, the host can lead participants through web pages, share files or applications, connect into a simultaneous telephone conference and archive the meeting transcript for future reference.

IMC’s administrative console enables users to schedule meetings for a future date and time, automatically invites guests, sends reminders, distributes meeting materials and populates the host’s calendar with RSVPs. Every IMC chat and meeting session can be integrated into LiveOffice’s suite of compliance monitoring solutions, which allow companies in regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, to monitor and archive ommunications.

“Most web conferencing products are priced and packaged for large companies with big budgets and advanced infrastructure. However, our research indicates that small businesses understand the benefits of web conferencing, but view the technology’s cost, complexity and lack of personalized customer support as a large barrier to adoption,” said Matthew Smith, chief operating officer of LiveOffice Corp. “IMConferencing eliminates these concerns and enables companies to cost effectively conduct important business over the web, increasing productivity and reducing expenses.”

IMConferencing is the company’s newest addition to the collaborative applications marketplace. More than two years ago, LiveOffice created LivePresentation, which allows users to deliver real-time slide presentations from their web site, to meet the needs of small business people who wanted to travel less, but maintain strong relationships with clients around the world. In January 2002, the company introduced LiveSiteManager, an interactive sales and marketing solution, which enables businesses of any size to connect with customers and prospects in real-time via a proprietary instant messaging system that can be embedded in web sites, banner advertisements, online auction pages and emails.

LiveOffice can be found in booth #119 at the Instant Messaging Planet Conference and Expo, taking place today and tomorrow. In addition, LiveOffice’s Chief Operating Officer Matthew Smith will serve as a speaker at the event’s “Commerce Meets Public IM” conference session scheduled for tomorrow.

LiveOffice’s IMConferencing product is scheduled for a January 2004 public release.

TORRANCE, Calif., October 14, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products for financial services organizations nationwide, announced today that it has partnered with FaceTime Communications ( to provide AdvisorMail users with access to webbased, cross-platform instant message (IM) monitoring and archiving capabilities. Designed specifically for financial services organizations, LiveOffice’s AdvisorMail solution monitors and stores emails and IMs according to the regulatory guidelines set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Integrating FaceTime’s IM Auditor product into the AdvisorMail system enables LiveOffice to provide financial services organizations with a hosted version of FaceTime’s leading IM regulatory compliance solution. These capabilities will provide compliance officers with the ultimate flexibility, allowing them to monitor and archive chat transcripts from any IM client, including Yahoo, MSN and AOL. The AdvisorMail system scans IM transcripts against an industry-specific lexicon of compliance-controlled words and phrases to detect the use of any questionable language and flags suspicious transcripts for further review by a compliance officer. To ensure that organizations are properly prepared for audits, AdvisorMail’s proprietary filtering system archives all communications and simplifies future retrieval.

“Wall Street’s rapid adoption of instant messaging coupled with new regulations have forced the financial services community to quickly integrate electronic monitoring and storage capabilities into their existing systems and policies,” said Ann Davis, director of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “Incorporating FaceTime’s IM Auditor into our web-based AdivsorMail system gives busy compliance and IT professionals the features they need at a price that fits their budget and meets their implementation timeline.”

LiveOffice will demonstrate AdvisorMail and some of its other products in booth #119 at JupiterMedia’s Fall 2003 Instant Messaging Planet Conference and Expo, taking place October 15 16 in San Jose, CA. In addition, LiveOffice’s Chief Operating Officer Matthew Smith will serve as a speaker at the event’s “Commerce Meets Public IM” conference session scheduled for October 16.

The company will also be presenting its AdvisorMail solution at the upcoming NASD Fall Securities Conference 2003 in Scottsdale, AZ on October 15 17.

TORRANCE, Calif., August 11, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, the top provider of web-based products for financial services representatives, announced that a new research report issued by Tiburon Strategic Advisors (, identified LiveOffice’s AdvisorSquare ( web site program as the leading developer of web sites for independent representatives in the financial services industry.

Currently hosting more than 12,000 financial advisor web sites, AdvisorSquare pioneered the concept of effective and affordable web sites for financial advisors, automated web site compliance for broker-dealers and created web-based collaboration tools specifically designed to help financial advisors use the Internet to grow their businesses.

“Working with LiveOffice is like having a personal web site design team available whenever I need it. They make everything simple, from the seamless implementation process to providing helpful web site marketing tips that drive a steady stream of traffic to my site,” said Robert Love of Robert Love & Associates ( “If an advisor is looking for an effective web site, there is just no alternative to LiveOffice.”

AdvisorSquare customers enjoy access to:

  • GetHits!, an exclusive online marketing newsletter containing helpful hints and tips on maximizing the marketing power of their web site
  • Complete editorial control over the content of their web site from anywhere at any time with AdvisorSquare’s proprietary, web-based ContentEditor’
  • Powerful collaboration tools, including online presentations, contact management and secure document exchange, that reduce travel requirements while enhancing client relationships
  • Vast libraries of financial newsletters and up-to-the-minute market data to keep clients returning to their site for new information
  • Effective new business generation with the exclusive Tell-A-Friend referral page featured on every AdvisorSquare-designed site

“Five years ago we had a vision of providing financial advisors with affordable web sites,” said Matt Smith, chief operating office of LiveOffice Corp. “Today, that vision has developed into a deep-rooted commitment to help financial services professionals effectively engage clients and maximize profits by providing them with the best designed web sites, training and customer support available.”

Note: The study was concluded prior to the finalization of a partnership between LiveOffice and Financial Profiles Inc. (, wherein all web sites hosted by Financial Profiles were converted to the AdvisorSquare hosting platform. As a result, LiveOffice’s market share is significantly greater than stated in the Tiburon report.


LiveOffice Corp. Announces ComplianceCheck™

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TORRANCE, Calif., July 28, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, the leader in compliance technology for financial services professionals nationwide, today announced the addition of its proprietary ComplianceCheck’ feature to AdvisorMail (, an end-to-end monitoring, archiving and retrieval solution for email and instant messages (IM) designed specifically for financial services organizations. Operating similar to word processing spell checks, this new feature enables financial representatives to pre-screen their emails against LiveOffice’s proprietary eSupervisor’ lexicon of compliance words and phrases prior to sending an email message.

“ComplianceCheck’ will significantly reduce the workload on the compliance departments within financial service organizations,” said Ann Davis, director of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “In fact, preliminary testing of the product indicates that our ComplianceCheck’ feature will reduce the number of emails that require a compliance officer’s review by over 75 percent.”

AdvisorMail’s new ComplianceCheck ‘ feature:

  • Takes the guesswork out of regulated email communications by performing a thorough review of all outbound emails using LiveOffice’s proven library of compliance words and phrases and highlighting questionable language in red Reduces the supervisory burden on compliance officers and Offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJs) by providing a real-time review of email messages as they are composed by the field representative
  • Expedites email communications between firm representatives and their clients, while ensuring that any questionable language is stopped at the source

LiveOffice’s AdvisorMail enables Compliance Departments to electronically monitor, retain and archive thousands of emails, attachments and instant messages (IM) in a single and secure location. AdvisorMail’s robust monitoring capabilities ensure that financial services firms can easily comply with all the regulatory requirements of SEC Rules 17a-3, 17a-4, NASD rule 3010(d) as well as NASD’s June 17, 2003 Notice to Members outlining the proper handling of instant message (IM) communications.

ComplianceCheck’ will be available to existing and new AdvisorMail customers in early August 2003.

TORRANCE, Calif., July 14, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products to businesses of all sizes, today announced the availability of the latest version of LiveSiteManager (, which enables business owners to interact in real-time with customers and prospects through emails, web sites and online auction pages. The newest release of LiveSiteManager allows users to view what items a visitor has added or deleted from their shopping cart and enables them to initiate an instant messaging (IM) session with shoppers at any time during their navigation of an e-commerce site.

Transparent to online shoppers, LiveSiteManager’s new shopping cart viewer puts Internet retailers in touch with shoppers at the most critical point of purchase the virtual shopping cart. By simply clicking a tab in LiveSiteManager’s administration console, online store operators see the exact items and quantities a visitor has added to their cart. Using this information, support personnel are able to answer questions and proactively offer advice to online store browsers through LiveOffice’s IM technology. Online shoppers benefit from real-time access to knowledgeable company representatives who can provide them with instant answers to product questions and suggest additional items that may compliment their existing purchases.

LiveSiteManager’s shopping cart feature enables online retailers to:

  • Determine the success of online advertising by matching the search words customers used to find a web site with the actual contents of their shopping cart
  • Maximize selling opportunities when customers’ interest level is highest by viewing their existing shopping cart contents and cross promoting related products
  • Increase the effectiveness of customer support personnel by using transcripts of previous chat sessions as training materials to give them a better understanding of customer purchasing behaviors
  • Close more sales by identifying, understanding and proactively preventing shopping cart abandonment at the point of purchase

Online shoppers visiting sites equipped with LiveSiteManager will enjoy a level of human interaction similar to an in-store shopping experience from the convenience of their PC, without the hassle of dialing an 800-number or waiting for an email response.

“LiveSiteManager is designed to provide retailers of all sizes with the information and interactive technologies they need to maximize online sales results and improve customer interaction,” said Andy Estep, vice president of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “LiveSiteManager’s goal is to duplicate the in-store experience as closely as possible for online shoppers, giving them the opportunity to interact in real-time with knowledgeable company representatives. At the same time, retailers have the ability to greatly increase the value of each sales transaction.”

LiveSiteManager is an interactive sales and marketing solution that enables businesses of any size to connect with customers and prospects in real-time via a proprietary instant messaging (IM) and web analytics technology that can be instantly integrated into web sites, emails, online auction pages, banner advertisements and more. The new version of the product is currently available to existing customers at no additional charge.

TORRANCE, Calif., June 19, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation, a leading provider of web-based products for financial services professionals nationwide, announced today that it has integrated its proprietary instant messaging (IM) monitoring and storage system into AdvisorMail, LiveOffice’s industry leading, regulatory-compliant email monitoring, archival and retrieval solution. This new feature meets the guidelines set forth in the National Association of Securities Dealers’ (NASD) Notice to Members issued on June 18, 2003 requiring member firms to “ensure that their use of instant messaging is consistent with their basic supervisory and record keeping obligations.”

Building on its proven track record of delivering a reliable solution to the financial services marketplace for email monitoring, archival and retrieval, this new feature enables financial services firms to:

  • Cost effectively protect their representatives from non-compliance penalties
  • Meet the new requirements set forth by the NASD for the proper handling of IM communications
  • Monitor, archive and retrieve all internal and external IM communications
  • Centralize their representatives on a single IM system managed by the firm
  • Customize the IM interface specific to their proprietary logo and branding

For representatives, AdvisorMail allows them to:

  • Meet their financial services firm’s guidelines for the proper handling of IM communications
  • Centralize all business-related IM and email on the AdvisorMail system
  • Effectively use IM to grow and promote their financial practice and connect in real-time with important clients and prospects
  • Continue using their existing IM client of choice for personal communications

“Financial services representatives are rapidly adopting instant messaging as a tool to grow their practice and better connect with clients and prospects in real-time. Prohibiting the use of this communication is simply no longer an option,” said Ann Davis, director of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “Our new IM technology is designed to meet the needs of financial services firms and their representatives, while promoting enhanced client communications for just dollars a day.”

TORRANCE, Calif. and CHICAGO, June 17, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products to businesses of all sizes, today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with SmartBlast (, a top full-service email marketing company targeting the promotional products industry. As part of the agreement, SmartBlast will offer LiveOffice’s LiveSiteManager, a proprietary instant messaging and web site monitoring technology, to its customer base to help them increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns and improve response rates.

“The ability to provide our client base with instant messaging capabilities should not only improve their customer service and overall responsiveness but ultimately help them sell more products,” said Michael Ryan, president of SmartBlast. “Our beta testing of LiveSiteManager proved to us that the product fully supports the needs of the promotional products industry. We are confident that our partnership with LiveOffice will positively impact our customers’ sales and marketing results.”

Beginning today, SmartBlast customers can improve their online sales and marketing results by connecting in real-time with their customers through key online touch points, including emails and web pages. As a testament to SmartBlast’s commitment to its customers and confidence in LiveSiteManager, the company has already integrated this bi-directional communication technology into its daily email promotions and web site to provide an enhanced level of customer support.

LiveSiteManager allows users to:

  • Connect with visitors in real-time through LivePresence, an instant messaging (IM) button that can be embedded in web sites, emails, online auctions pages and more
  • Know who is on their web site, where they came from and what search words they typedinto a search engine to find the web site
  • Initiate chat sessions with web site visitors to answer questions and assist with navigation, while overcoming objections and closing important sales
  • Conduct multiple chat conversations at one time, instead of just a single phone call
  • Increase sales by inviting visitors to view more in-depth product presentations through desktop sharing that can be initiated from a web site or chat session

“LiveSiteManager’s extensive research and development process has proved to us that more and more customers are demanding the immediacy of face-to-face communication over the Internet,” said Andy Estep, vice president of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “This partnership symbolizes a joint commitment between our companies to provide the promotional products industry with interactive communication tools that increase revenues and reduce operational costs.”

For more information about the LiveSiteManager Partner Program, call (800) 251-3863, ext. 143 or visit


LiveOffice Corp. Launches New Partner Program

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TORRANCE, Calif., June 10, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products for businesses of all sizes, today launched a new program to distribute its LiveSiteManager (www.livesitemanager) product to small businesses through partnerships with companies specializing in Internet advertising, direct marketing and web hosting.

LiveSiteManager is an online sales and marketing tool that enables businesses of any size to connect with customers and prospects in real-time via a proprietary instant messaging (IM) technology that can be instantly embedded in web sites, emails, online auction pages, banner advertisements and more.

Through the new program, LiveSiteManager partners will gain a competitive advantage by providing their customers with a bi-directional, real-time communication tool specifically designed to improve online sales and marketing results. Participating partners will enjoy access to new revenue sources, while providing their end customers with a proven solution for initiating and closing online sales. In addition, LiveOffice will work to establish co-marketing opportunities with partners and provide any necessary technical and customer support.

“LiveSiteManager’s proven track record of helping small businesses’ improve their online sales performance has created a high volume of interest in the product,” said Travis Watkins, director of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “In evaluating the best way to adequately meet the heightened demand for LiveSiteManager, we firmly believe that a partnership program is the best avenue for accommodating our customers’ needs as quickly as possible.”

LiveSiteManager users will benefit from features, including:

  • LivePresence touches customers in real-time with an IM button that can be added to a variety of online communications, including web sites, online auction pages, emails and html newsletters
  • Caller ID maximizes selling opportunities by displaying a clear identification of each incoming online sales request in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format and enables sales representatives to accept or reject chat sessions
  • Visitor Monitoring takes the guesswork out of online selling, letting retailers and sellers know what products are most popular by tracking the navigation patterns of site visitors, providing a record of how they enter the site and indicating which search engine keywords they use to find the web site
  • Proactive Chat adds a personal touch to online retailing by allowing sales representatives to initiate interactive chat sessions with visitors during critical points in the selling process
  • Sales Plus lets sales professionals multitask in a way never before possible by enabling online sales representatives to conduct multiple customer conversations at the same time via an easy-to-use chat interface
  • Remote Desktop Sharing helps close more sales by allowing sales representatives to invite visitors into real-time product demonstrations and reviews directly from their web site or chat session

System Requirements
The operator must be on Windows 98 and above with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.

For more information about the LiveSiteManager Partner Program, call (800) 251-3863, ext. 143 or visit

TORRANCE, Calif., May 28, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products for businesses of all sizes, today launched a redesigned corporate web site that better reflects the company’s commitment to helping small businesses successfully achieve their online business goals. With an excellent and long-standing reputation for helping small businesses within the financial services market improve their online presence, today’s announcement signals LiveOffice’s expanded focus on providing value-added products and services to small businesses in all industries.

“Our goal is to provide small businesses with the tools they need to establish an online business presence that accurately reflects the same values and vision on which their company was originally founded,” said Matthew Smith, chief operating officer for LiveOffice Corp. “We understand that for many small business owners, their company encapsulates years of hard work and dedication. In the same regard, our web technologies are designed to complement a company’s existing branding and structure, while helping them to achieve their online business objectives and increase sales revenues.”

As evidence of LiveOffice’s expanded focus on small business, visitors to will discover a completely new look and layout with convenient online ordering options for many of the company’s popular products. To help businesses make educated decisions about their online business strategy, the new web site offers comprehensive information on LiveOffice’s vast offering of online products and services. Visitors to the new site will find information on:

  • Web Sites an extensive overview of LiveOffice’s web site design, building and hosting capabilities for businesses of all sizes and in all industries
  • AdvisorMail in-depth information on electronic email monitoring, archiving and retrieval technologies specifically designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the SEC, NASD and NYSE
  • E-Commerce a step-by-step look at how LiveOffice can help businesses add ecommerce to new or existing web sites
  • CoolTools useful information on increasing the profit potential of business web sites, including information on LiveOffice’s web site add-ons, which enable businesses to conduct online slide presentations, track web site traffic, securely exchange documents, instant message (IM), manage contacts and more, all in real-time
  • Traffic Builders effective techniques, including search engine submission, that enable businesses to increase traffic and turn their web sites into revenue generators
  • News Room up-to-date information on company news and announcements
  • About Us information on LiveOffice’s products and services, company history and career/internship information

Understanding the needs of today’s time-crunched small business owner, LiveOffice has added its propriety live chat button to each page of its web site. By clicking on the button and without picking up the phone or sending an email, site visitors are instantaneously welcomed into a realtime instant messaging (IM) session with a knowledgeable LiveOffice representative that can answer any questions they might have.

TORRANCE, Calif., May 6, 2003 - LiveOffice Corporation (, a leading provider of web-based products for businesses of all sizes, today announced the latest version of LiveSiteManager’ ( The newest release of this popular product features enhanced online presentation, desktop sharing and instant messaging capabilities and introduces LivePresence, an interactive instant messaging button that can be added to a variety of online promotions.

LivePresence enables entrepreneurs to transform their eBay or Yahoo! auction pages and email communications into high-performance, real-time selling machines. By simply clicking on the LivePresence button on the auction page or the email and without downloading any software or installing an IM program such as Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ or MSN, the visitor is welcomed into an instant messaging session with a company or auction representative.

The latest version of LiveSiteManager’ also provides functionality that was previously only available to companies with enterprise-sized IT budgets. Using LiveSiteManager’, businesses of any size can now incorporate features into their online business, such as web site traffic monitoring and statistics, desktop sharing and real-time online presentations, at prices that any business can afford.

LiveSiteManager’ enables users to share and show their desktop with customers for the purposes of product demos or to co-browse a company web or demo site in real-time. Eliminating frustrating phone calls between sales representatives and prospects, LiveSiteManager’ helps site visitors quickly find the information they are looking for and ensures repeat visits.

LiveSiteManager’s product features include:

  • LivePresence instant message with sales prospects via online ads, electronic auction pages and emails.
  • Advanced Visitor Monitoring and Statistics gather important information about web site visitors that can be used to convert site visitors into profitable sales opportunities.
  • Web Presentation enables sales and marketing professionals to deliver online presentations to prospects using the applications and files already saved on their PC.
  • Desktop Sharing/Co-Browsing with LiveSiteManager Premium allows sales and marketing personnel to share their desktop with online prospects and co-browse relevant web sites together, eliminating the “lost Internet surfer” phenomenon.

“In today’s crowded online marketplace, businesses have to find a way to separate themselves,” said Andy Estep, vice president of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “Until now, online marketing allowed business to get their message in front of their customers. The latest version of LiveSiteManager puts businesses in touch with their customers, allowing them to combine a sales pitch with a marketing message in a way never before possible.”

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