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Exchange Hosting for March, 2006

TORRANCE, Calif. March 20, 2006 In line with its aggressive 2006 product enhancement strategy, LiveOffice Corporation’s ( AdvisorMail ( division today announced the release of new application functionality designed to increase the effectiveness of firms’ compliance policies and procedures, improve internal workflow and reduce auditor review time of emails, email attachments and instant messages.

The new enhancements include:

  • Real-time Random Sampling In addition to AdvisorMail’s existing pre- and post-review capabilities, compliance personnel reviewing messages can use this feature to set user-definable percentages for random sample selection criteria. This new technology complements AdvisorMail’s current set of tools for identifying compliance issues within a firm and offers expanded options for viewing, managing nd storing messages extracted during searches.
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Communications As an extension to AdvisorMail’s existing attorney-client privilege functionality, this new feature enables compliance personnel and administrators to specify email addresses that should be automatically stored in the system’s Attorney-Client Privilege folder. All messages archived in this folder are protected from review by an outside auditor or opposing legal counsel.
  • Restricted Auditor Accounts Designed specifically for organizations with a tiered review configuration, such as independent broker-dealers, this functionality allows firms to create specific rules that ensure compliance personnel review only the messages that are specifically assigned to them.

“The release of these latest enhancements illustrates our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the most comprehensive hosted solution for the compliant handling of message data,” said Mary Cilva, AdvisorMail product manager for LiveOffice Corp. “From monitoring to archiving and retrieval, AdvisorMail’s holistic approach to message management has helped it to become the message archiving solution of choice among hundreds of financial services firms.”

With over 150,000 email addresses, AdvisorMail is one of the leading hosted message archiving solutions available today and offers a comprehensive system for helping firms meet stringent internal and regulatory compliance requirements. From implementation to message management, archiving and administration, AdvisorMail offers a total solution for meeting firms’ message archiving needs.

SIA Compliance & Legal Conference
LiveOffice is demonstrating AdvisorMail’s latest enhancements at the SIA Compliance & Legal conference taking place at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida today through Wednesday.

March 14th, 2006 LIVERMORE, CA - LANLOGIC announced today that it has achieved the third milestone in Microsoft’s Partner Program. . This accomplishment consists of earning the much-coveted Information Worker Solutions Competency. Earning this award requires Lanlogic to have proven skills and experience in building solutions on the Microsoft Office System. The Information Worker Solutions Competency now includes specializations, which provide distinct paths for achieving the competency.

Designed to provide additional benefit and support to partners specializing in collaboration, portals and other productivity solutions, the Information Worker Productivity Solutions Competency is utilized by Gold Certified Partners that provide their customers with solutions built on familiar programs that enable them to better manage, prioritize and collaborate on increasing volumes of information. Partners that have obtained the Information Worker Competency can help their customers realize increased service revenues and new market opportunities.

The specialization Lanlogic has earned within this competency is titled Office System Desktop Deployment. This specialization requires development and investment of desktop systems to increase reliability, performance, and security.

“Partners play a critical role in delivering solutions and applications to customers with the Microsoft Office System,” said Jeff Raikes, group vice president of Productivity and Business Services at Microsoft. “The value of Solutions Competencies is that they enable Microsoft to deliver resources and training to partners that are meeting their customer needs. And for partners, the opportunity to highlight their expertise to customers is tremendous in the growing IW solution market.”

In addition, each competency award also requires submission and confirmation of 3 customer references featuring Office System Desktop Deployment case studies, using Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

“We are extremely pleased to have earned the Information Worker Productivity Solutions Competency in the Microsoft Partner Program. The competency allows us to take the third step in demonstrating our expertise and relationship with Microsoft to our customers,” said Joe Foos, Director of Sales & Marketing. “Proving our specialization in Office Systems Desktop Deployment demonstrates our commitment to ongoing excellence and expectations with our team of senior network engineers. The benefits provided through this competency award will allow us to continue to enhance the offerings that we provide for customers.”


LiveOffice’s AdvisorMail Passes 1,000+ Audits

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TORRANCE, Calif. March 14, 2006 LiveOffice Corporation’s ( AdvisorMail ( division today announced that its hosted message archiving and compliance solution has helped financial services organizations successfully pass more than 1,000 audits. Whether based on requests from examiners at regulatory bodies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), or for internal policy audits, AdvisorMail has helped hundreds of companies ensure that their message data is securely monitored, archived and easily retrievable.

“It is no secret that regulatory audits are often exhausting for financial services organizations, but our experience in helping companies to pass 1,000 audits in the last 5 years, clearly indicates that the better prepared an organization is, the smoother the audit will go,” said Mary Cilva, AdvisorMail product manager for LiveOffice Corp. “Each function of AdvisorMail is purposefully designed to make the process of monitoring, archiving and retrieving message data as easy as possible for compliance and IT professionals, whether they are part of a large broker-dealer, a registered investment advisory firm or a hedge fund.”

Clients that have undergone audits identified several AdvisorMail search and retrieval capabilities as important in helping them produce the data needed to comply with requests from internal auditors and regulators. The organizations surveyed appreciate AdvisorMail’s ability to:

  • Quickly conduct searches and review results online Auditors and internal compliance personnel cited the excellent usability of AdvisorMail’s online user interface in helping them to conduct advanced searches using a variety of criterion and then having the ability to review the search results online at any time.
  • Conveniently download message data directly from an in-house, desktop PC to a non-rewritable DVD In the case of requests from auditors for small to medium-sized data samples, compliance officers in the midst of an audit appreciate being able to search, zip and download data directly to their desktop PC. Once the messages are downloaded, they are able to quickly copy them to a non-rewritable DVD that can be given or sent to the individual requesting to view archived message data.
  • Reducing IT department workload by offloading large data requests to LiveOfficeWhen asked to conduct large and complex downloads of message data, organizations cited the benefits of forwarding these requests on to LiveOffice for processing versus having to satisfy the request in-house. In the case of large data requests, AdvisorMail users simply submit a search and extract request to LiveOffice and receive the extracted data on DVD within 48 hours or 2 business days of the request.
  • Minimizing compliance department workload by providing auditors with read-only access to select messages Many compliance officers cited the advantages of providing internal auditors or regulators with read-only, web access to review messages, instead of downloading the messages to non-rewritable DVDs.

Increase in Boolean Search Requests
Based on data logged by LiveOffice over the previous 5 years, regulators have typically asked to see email messages sent to and from a specific email address over a stated data range. However, in the last year, LiveOffice has seen an increase in the number of regulators requesting that an organization conduct Boolean searches of their archived message data. In this type of search a regulator may ask a compliance department to produce all email messages sent between a specific date range that contain a word such as “guarantee” within at least 5 words of the word “money.”

AdvisorMail’s ability to quickly conduct simple and complex searches on volumes of emails, email attachments and instant message transcripts has helped to make it one of the leading hosted message archiving solutions available today. Firms of all sizes benefit from the system’s ability to cost effectively help firms meet stringent internal and regulatory compliance requirements. From implementation to message management, archiving and administration, AdvisorMail offers a total solution for meeting firms’ message archiving needs.

SIA Compliance & Legal Conference
LiveOffice will demonstrate AdvisorMail’s latest enhancements at the SIA Compliance & Legal conference taking place at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida beginning March 19th through March 22nd.

TORRANCE, Calif., March 14, 2006 LiveOffice Corp.’s ( AdvisorSquare division, the nation’s #1 provider of financial advisor websites, today announced the results of a recently conducted research study that focused on the website navigation patterns of financial advisory clients and prospects in the United States.

The results of the study reveal that financial advisors who post and promote photos of themselves with clients at events or in the community to their website attract twice as much site traffic as financial advisory practices that do not post such photos. During the study, the sites that received the greatest volume of traffic posted photos of financial advisors and their clients at events, whether they were related directly to the advisor’s practice, family life or to general, school and community events.

“While it is true that many consumers visit a financial advisor’s website to obtain investment and market data, it is clear from the results of this research study that they are also looking for ways to connect on a more personal level with their advisor,” said Michele McGarry, director of business development for LiveOffice’s AdvisorSquare division. “The bottom line is that advisors who take the time to post and promote photos of themselves with clients and in the community stand to establish stronger, long-term relationships. It is these types of relationships that often lead to more referrals and increased business for a financial advisor.”

Of the sites polled, the volume of traffic an advisor received to their site over a 4-week period had a direct correlation with how aggressively the advisor marketed their website to clients and prospects. Advisors that designed marketing campaigns around photos from a client event and informed visitors that pictures had been posted to their site via a direct mail or email campaign experienced the greatest volume of site traffic.

This increased volume of traffic may be explained by the “viral” aspect of email marketing campaigns. When a financial advisor emails a website link to clients and prospects and lets them know that pictures from a recent event are available, it is likely that the recipient will forward the email to a few friends or family members, transforming the email and therefore, the advisor’s website into a referral machine. The study found that advisors who update and promote their photos on a quarterly basis receive the largest level of website traffic and the most referrals.

Since 1998, AdvisorSquare has helped tens of thousands of financial advisors build a presence on the Internet for their practice. The company conducts constant research on specific website usage and marketing trends in the financial services industry to ensure that it is providing its clients with the most current and effective information. Research results are available to AdvisorSquare clients through AdvisorSquare University and the popular, members-only GetHits website marketing newsletter.

DES MOINES, Iowa—March 08, 2006—LightEdge Solutions, Inc., a leader in converged data networking, voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) and managed IT business services, today announced the successful completion of a 875-seat VoIP deployment integrating the phone systems of 13 Westside Community Schools and four administrative offices and facilities.

Westside Community School District realized that their traditional PBX phone system was reaching the end of its usefulness. The phone system was approaching capacity and was unable to support voicemail services that could improve communication between the teachers, administrators and staff located at different locations throughout the district. Westside required an affordable, scalable and efficient solution that would provide high quality of service and 24/7 support for its users.

Upgrading Westside’s existing PBX phone system would have required a significant capital investment in additional PBX equipment, as well as the associated ongoing maintenance and support to manage this equipment, at multiple locations throughout the district. Instead, Westside chose LightEdge to provide a district-wide, feature-rich VoIP phone system connecting all of its teachers, administrators and staff—all at an affordable monthly rate.

“We were contemplating a decision to upgrade our traditional PBX systems across the district to support the communications needs of our teachers, administrators and staff. Due to the high costs, complexity and technical resources required, we wanted to be sure to explore all of our options,” said Dr. Al Inzerello, assistant superintendent for finance and business at Westside Community Schools. “LightEdge gave us an affordable alternative. Their VoIP technology allowed us to improve our inter-school communications while mitigating technology risk, providing scalability for future growth and ensuring a high level of customer service and support to our users.”

“As one of the most progressive and respected school districts in the nation, Westside prides itself on embracing technology to empower its teachers, staff and students,” said Jim Masterson, chairman and chief executive officer of LightEdge Solutions. “Educational institutions often have limited funds and technical expertise to implement new technologies. Westside is taking a leadership role in adopting the latest in VoIP technology and putting it into practical use for a long term future.”

LightEdge’s hosted VoIP solution delivers the following benefits to Westside Community Schools:

  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY. Improved worker and work group productivity through advanced call routing and handling features such as direct inward dial (DID), call forwarding and routing, unified messaging, integrated voice mail and conferencing, and one-click dialing. In addition, network administrators gain efficiencies through having a common platform for managing employees that alleviates the need to manage multiple complex components. For example, one of the greatest benefits of VoIP technology is that it enables administrators to perform move, additions and changes (MAC activity) in seconds.
  • GEOGRAPHIC INDEPENDENCE. With LightEdge VoIP, organizations maintain industry-standard levels of communications services across geographically dispersed locations. Users and administrators get full access to all system features through an Internet or phone connection. For example, users and schools can be managed from any location, call transfer and conferencing can be performed from any location to another, extension dialing is possible from any geographic location, staff can work anywhere and appear to be in the office/school and employees can be monitored regardless of their physical location.
  • IMPROVED NETWORK EFFICIENCY AND ECONOMICS. A more efficient, integrated VoIP infrastructure from LightEdge that supports both voice and data services on a single platform reduces the amount of network equipment required, as well as the support necessary to operate, administer and maintain such equipment. In today’s competitive environment, less equipment translates to reduced capital expenditures, which in turn can positively affect a business’ bottom line.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY. Recent disastrous events have underscored the need for network redundancy and disaster recovery solutions that ensure business continuity. VoIP networks can be designed to reduce single points of failure and to enhance emergency response, enabling quick and effective communications during critical situations. LightEdge VoIP solutions provide organizations with disaster recovery services such as communication diversity, mobility, server redundancy and failover, alternate gateways, and advanced call handling and rerouting. In addition, all of LightEdge’s core network elements are redundant across multiple cities, and call routing is handled via multiple redundant paths.
  • REDUCED TECHNOLOGY RISK. Organizations choosing to invest in LightEdge VoIP services can rest assured that their investment will bring continuing returns. With VoIP technology, organizations can effectively avoid technology obsolescence because LightEdge provides free technology upgrades. Regular technology upgrades enable businesses to provision new services as quickly as they are developed, or as they become necessary, to respond to changing business requirements. With LightEdge VoIP, the integrated nature of the VoIP platform avoids technology obsolescence in various areas, including switching technology, e-mail and conferencing servers, integrated voice response (IVR) servers, etc

“In addition to the business benefits, some of the most useful features used by our teachers and staff are direct extension dialing, the ability to receive voice messages on both their phones and through email as audio .WAV file attachments, remote access to the phone system, call forwarding and simultaneous ring, and a Web-based portal for managing call routing and handling,” said Inzerello.

The VoIP system was deployed to all 17 locations, including 13 schools, an alumni building, a service center, an administrative building and a community education center. The system has been installed and operating since August 2005.

About Westside Community School District
Located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, Westside Community School District is a nationally acclaimed public school district. The mission of the Westside Community School District, as an innovative educational system, is to ensure academic excellence and to serve the unique needs of all learners. Westside Community Schools offers excellence in education at all levels. More than 60 percent of Westside teachers and administrators have masters, specialists or doctoral degrees. For more information, visit the Westside Community Schools Web site at

About LightEdge Solutions
LightEdge Solutions® empowers businesses to be more productive, mobile and effective with managed voice and data services delivered through a multi-homed, Cisco Powered Network data center environment. By out-tasking voice, data and IT services, small and medium sized businesses are able to realize unparalleled scalability and reliability with a lower total cost of ownership and reduced administration. For more information about services available for your business, visit LightEdge’s web site at

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BRI Expands Tech Support

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Technicians are available for phone support Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM EST - 8:00 PM EST, Saturday-Sunday, Noon-4:00 PM EST.


Founded in June 2000, Blue Ridge InternetWorks has quickly grown to be one of the most successful network solution providers in Virginia. BRI owns and operates an Internet Data Center in its headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Blue Ridge InternetWorks is a Virginia Limited Liability Corporation. Inquiries should be emailed to [email protected].