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Exchange Hosting for May, 2006

Regulatory and legal pressure forces organisation to look at new options for email at work

May 26th 2006, Warrington UK. ?In an paper just published on the SMS website, Bill Unsworth looks at the problems companies are having because of private use of company email and the possible solutions.

Although superficially similar to the use of company phones or surfing websites on company time use of email introduces new problems ? more akin to employees using company notepaper for private correspondence. There are legal and regulatory implications nowadays because all email from a company?s email address has to be seen in principle as official communications from the company. The move to archiving greatly aggravates the problems.

The paper suggests that an outright ban is going to be impractical but comes up with some interesting alternatives for companies that safeguard their rights whilst respecting the privacy of employees? private communications.


Hosted Email continues to grow

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SMS predicts strong uptake in hosted email services

May 19th 2006, Warrington UK. If your company hosts its email outside your organisation, you?ve joined a fast growing club. Several industry reports have been released forecasting strong growth in companies out sourcing their email/messaging requirements to specialist hosting companies.

One report from Radicati expects the business market to grow to 59 million accounts by 2008, an increase of 51 per cent in 4 years.

In another from Osterman Research, the average email user sends and receives a median of 85 emails in a typical day, sends 17% more and 25% more emails in 2006 compared to 2005, classifies 56% of the email they receive as critical and spends 34% of their day working in an email client.

The factors driving the urge to outsource email? Radicati believes they are storage pressures, compliance requirements and spam and virus problems. Also a lot of industry experts believe that Microsoft?s Exchange 2003 product is a driver for the hosted business email market. Exchange makes hosting business email more efficient and affordable for small to medium enterprises.

There are several compelling arguments for companies to outsource their messaging systems according to Bill Unsworth, chairman of Simply Mail Solutions ?SMEs are better off with a hosted solution. A simple ?5.99/user/month cost buys them enterprise class collaborative email with anti-spam, anti-virus, guaranteed uptime and plenty of storage. In addition they don?t have to worry about upgrading to the latest and greatest messaging system, because providers generally have to stay on top of that due to competitive pressures. Add to that the costs of installing an in-house system and hiring one or more administrators to manage and maintain the system.?

Whilst larger businesses are typically more sensitive about giving control of email to a 3rd party, he believes that spam and security related issues are drivers of hosted email solutions as the complexity of in-house messaging solutions grows. ?more and more companies are saying ?forget it, let?s outsource all this??


Email Resource Site Launched

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May 12th 2006, Warrington UK. A new website has been launched to bridge the gap between the mass of technical information on the Internet and the email user who wants to find out more and get more from his or her email service. Email remains the most vital application and most popular application of the Internet for both home and business users but people remain largely unaware of its origins and what they can do with it. For example users make use of the free email accounts included by their ISP and are then shocked to realise that if they want to change ISP they have to change email address. In this case a simple knowledge of domains and other types of email accounts makes changing address unnecessary.

Topics covered include:

SPAM ? where it comes from and how a few simple steps can keep it down.

Viruses ? their role in SPAM and other problems

Jargon ? lots of acronyms and jargon explained so that users can understand things better

History ? a brief account of the history of email

Software ? both client and server software briefly reviewed

Service providers ? providers of hosted email services listed with comments.

Hot Topic Section ? as the site develops new hot topics will be discussed and white papers given ? current Hot Topic is Certified Email

The new site is sponsored by Simply Mail Solutions ( the specialist email hosting company.

TORRANCE, Calif., May 2, 2006 - LiveOffice Corporation (, the leading provider of on-demand communication, collaboration and compliance solutions, today announced that AdvisorMail Product Manager Mary Cilva will participate in next week’s National Association of Independent Broker-Dealers’(NAIBD) 5th Annual Compliance & Technology Symposium. Ms. Cilva, scheduled to serve as a panelist, will join other industry experts to discuss how financial firms can use technology to increase operational efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements.

Ms. Cilva will provide insights on how message archiving technologies, such as AdvisorMail, are helping independent broker-dealers and their representatives meet email retention and surveillance requirements set forth by regulatory bodies such as the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). As part of the discussion, these experts will provide attendees with useful information on the current regulatory landscape and how technology can help to satisfy the various requirements, while aiding in risk management efforts.

The panel entitled, “Electronic Document & Retention,” is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Monday, May 8 th , at The Omni Los Angeles. In addition to Ms. Cilva’s panel participation, LiveOffice will demonstrate AdvisorMail in booth #16 at the conference.