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Exchange Hosting for December, 2006

TORRANCE, Calif., December 19, 2006 — LiveOffice Corporation’s AdvisorMail division (, the leading provider of managed message archiving and compliance solutions, today announced a new Personal Mailbox Management option enabling employees to access their archived messages on a read-only basis at any time. The new feature increases employee productivity by enabling users to find historical or missing emails without waiting for IT staff searches; mitigates employee privacy concerns related to corporate email retention policies by demonstrating that archived messages cannot be tampered with; and frees IT staff from responding to most email search requests.

In addition, the web-based system offers advanced search and filtering capabilities that speed the process of locating messages that have been moved to the LiveOffice archive. Archive access is based on permissions or specific company retention policies. This strategy ensures that companies using the LiveOffice service meet email retention requirements, optimize the performance of their in-house mail server and reduce on-site storage costs, while providing access to archived messages without interrupting business workflow.

“With the rise in email retention programs that are being implemented to meet the e-discovery requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), many employees fear that emails that have been moved to archives are out of their control,” said Stephen Uhring, vice president of business development for LiveOffice Corp. “AdvisorMail’s new Personal Mailbox Management feature can not only reduce that anxiety by allowing users to see for themselves that archived emails cannot be altered, but also provide important productivity benefits for the entire organization.”

LiveOffice’s message management and compliance solution aggregates all inbound, outbound, internal messages and attachments from an organization’s email and/or IM systems in an easily searchable database. The system’s e-discovery capabilities help companies comply with SEC, NASD, NYSE, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and FRCP requirements related to the proper handling of email and/or IM (AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and Bloomberg) communications. LiveOffice’s service is a highly scalable solution that can be deployed in companies with just one email account or implemented enterprise-wide.

LiveOffice’s Personal Mailbox Management is available now as an add-on to LiveOffice’s archiving and e-discovery solution. Pricing begins at $1/email address per month.

12Dec Small Business Solutions

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Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are becoming very reliant on the availability and management of collaboration and messaging systems. However, increasing costs and technological complexity are increasing at a pace that makes it difficult for smaller businesses to manage these services. For many SMBs, the best solution for them is to go with an outsourced solution. Exchange Hosting from will deliver a full e-mail and messaging solution giving SMBs the opportunity to become more efficient and allow them to better focus on their core business.

“No question that it’s a challenge to really get your Exchange solution functioning 100% of the time. We see our role as being the experts in Exchange Hosting and we take on the role of managing, maintaining, and upgrading Exchange. This can be a costly procedure, in both dollars and time, for smaller businesses.” Said Ravi Agarwal,’s CEO. “You will not have to ensure that your IT staff is trained in an ongoing basis or purchase new software or hardware upgrades.” believes that a Hosted Exchange solution is the best one for SMBs.

About is the #1 rated Exchange Hosting company and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, thanks to outstanding uptime, delightful customer service and a laser-like focus on running robust Microsoft Exchange 2003 servers. For nine years now - since 1997, we’ve been in the hosting business. And for the last five years, we have been helping small businesses leverage the power of Microsoft Exchange Server. Our servers are located in a tier-1 data center. With multiple layers of redundancy and focus on the highest levels of security, our infrastructure is designed to make you productive and secure.
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