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Exchange Hosting for March, 2007

March 30, 2007, (Davenport, IA) – The Quad City Steamwheelers announced today that all 16 regular season games and any playoff games will be web cast live on and The first web cast coincides with the season opener in Cincinnati on Saturday.

“LightEdge is pleased to continue the tradition of hosting the Steamwheelers’ web cast for a third year,” says Jim Masterson, Chairman and CEO of LightEdge Solutions. “Ultimately our business model is to enable activities through our technology infrastructure. Enabling the community to access the game in new ways is just an extension of what we do.”

The web casts from Lightedge Solutions will allow Steamwheelers fans the opportunity to listen to the games from anywhere in the world.

“We are very thankful that Lightedge Solutions is able to help us reach fans that, otherwise, would miss out on our games,” says Mike Bawden, Managing Partner of the Steamwheelers.

About the Quad City Steamwheelers
The Quad City Steamwheelers is the official, af2 professional football club of the Quad Cities. The Steamwheelers play home at The MARK of the Quad Cities in Moline, IL. For ticket information, please call (563) 324-4888. The Quad City Steamwheelers, af2 and Arena Football are licensed properties of Arenafootball2, all rights reserved. Look us up online at or Information for die-hard Steamwheeler fans can be found on the official, Quad City Steamwheelers Fan Club web site:

About LightEdge Solutions
LightEdge Solutions® empowers businesses to be more productive, mobile and effective with managed voice and data services delivered through a multi-homed, Cisco Powered Network data center environment. By out-tasking voice, data and IT services, small and medium sized businesses are able to realize unparalleled scalability and reliability with a lower total cost of ownership and reduced administration. For more information about services available for your business, visit LightEdge’s web site at

LightEdge Solutions® and the LightEdge Solutions logo, and Scale-on-Demand™ are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of LightEdge Solutions, Inc. EdgeBCC™ and the EdgeBCC logo are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of the Edge Business Continuity Center. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

HMC 4.0 Will Enable Consolidation of Multiple Technology Platforms Allowing Company to Focus on the Enhancement of Customer Facing Services and Applications

Herndon, Va., March 29, 2007

Apptix, (OSE:APP), the premier provider of unified On-Demand Business Communications solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced that it will adopt the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) 4.0, designed to simplify the delivery of hosted messaging and collaboration applications. Apptix made the announcement during the Microsoft Hosting Summit 2007, held last week in Redmond, Washington. The adoption of HMC 4.0 will allow Apptix to consolidate its current technology platforms, thereby reducing operational costs and allowing the company to focus on its core competency of delivering business-class communications solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

“We rely on Microsoft to help us deliver premier on-demand email and collaboration solutions to our SMB customers,” said Amir Hudda, chief executive officer of Apptix. “Due to recent acquisitions, we currently operate on multiple platforms comprising different architectures and provisioning systems. With HMC Version 4.0, we will be able to consolidate these systems onto a single platform and turn our focus to new revenue opportunities that will allow us to offer more applications, deliver best-in-class services and support, and attract more customers. We believe that the Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solution has matured to a point where we can now gain significant benefits.”

“Hosting providers such as Apptix are at a critical crossroads as the demand for hosted IT services continues to increase exponentially, particularly from SMBs,” said John Zanni, director of worldwide hosting at Microsoft Corp. “Taking full advantage of the latest iteration of Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, Apptix can cost-effectively offer its customers a service with all of the benefits of a true enterprise class e-mail, calendar and unified messaging solution through the ease of a hosted delivery model.”

In addition to Exchange Server 2007, Hosted Messaging and Collaboration also incorporates other key products including Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, and Microsoft Windows Mobile 6, to provide a complete messaging and collaboration service and help ensure the best possible user experience.

Working closely with Microsoft, Apptix will launch its hosted solution for Exchange Server 2007 based on HMC 4.0 in Q2 2007.


Nasstar plc launches software broadcasting

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Nasstar plc has launched its new software broadcasting system which provides access to all your business’s software and documents from any location.

Nasstar Desktop is a dynamic alternative to local software installation, and at the forefront of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revolution.  It removes the need for in-house servers and local-based software installation, providing instant global access to your desktop, on a pay-monthly basis.

The Nasstar Desktop was launched by Charles Black, chief executive officer of Nasstar plc, at Microsoft’s Reading campus on Tuesday, March 27.  Nasstar plc has obtained Gold Certified Partner status from Microsoft Limited for its specialisation of hosting solutions, as well as advanced infrastructure and mobility solutions.

During the launch, Martin Walker, UK Software-as-a-Service manager for Microsoft Ltd, provided an insight into Microsoft’s Software+Services strategy.

Mr Walker said: “The market is continuing to evolve and customers are looking for different ways for software to be procured and delivered.  Quite simply the old model of perpetual on-premise will not be going away, but it will be complimented by a range of services providing customers with the choice of licensing and delivery model to fit their requirements. 

“Nasstar Desktop is at the forefront of Software-as-a-Service, and provides businesses with a real alternative to on-site perpetual software delivery.”

Charles Black, chief executive officer of Nasstar plc, added: “We’re delighted to be launching at Microsoft and value the support they have given our service.  Microsoft is actively promoting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Nasstar Desktop translates this concept into a real commercial service. 

“By subscribing to Nasstar Desktop, not only can a business avoid the upfront capital expenditure on technology, but management time is not diverted from the core business.”

Its On-Demand Offerings for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Apptix Voice Positions Company as the premier Provider
of On-Demand Business Communications for the SMB Market

Herndon, Va., March 19, 2007

Apptix (OSE:APP), the premier provider of unified on-demand Email, Voice and Collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today introduced Apptix Voice, a new hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, to provide customers with reliable, affordable and feature-rich IP telephony services. The new hosted Voice solution delivers the convenience and productivity enhancing features of IP telephony to the SMB market at a cost-savings of up to 40% when compared to traditional telephone service costs.

Apptix Voice is initially available through its MailStreet division and is built on the enterprise-class BroadSoft platform. Apptix Voice is offered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, allowing customers to secure a business-class hosted VoIP solution with minimal set-up costs and a predictable monthly subscription fee. This service is also integrated with Hosted Exchange, thereby unifying voice and email applications for improved productivity and efficiency.

“There are close to 100 million SMBs worldwide today, yet traditional software vendors have largely ignored the critical need for business-class Email, Voice and Collaboration solutions for this segment of the market,” said Amir Hudda, CEO of Apptix. “Apptix Voice provides SMBs with access to an enterprise-class IP telephony service without the expense and expertise required to deploy and manage this technology in-house. Combined with our hosted Email and Collaboration solutions, Apptix Voice extends our vision of delivering reliable, enterprise-class business communications solutions to the SMB market.”

Apptix’s 150,000 subscribers will be able to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by the integration of the new Hosted Voice offering with their existing Hosted Exchange service. By obtaining Voice, Email and Collaboration solutions from Apptix, SMBs can address all of their business communications needs from a single service provider.

“As a provider of outbound emergency communications for state & local entities and K-12 school systems, it is critical for us to have a reliable, high quality phone service,” said Russ Davis, president and CEO of Contxtual. “Apptix is the only VoIP provider we could find that provided us with the features we require to establish and expand our remote workforce. I’m a ’set it and forget guy’ and since we became an Apptix Hosted Exchange customer, I have gained a true appreciation for the value a hosted solution provides. With the addition of Apptix Voice, we now have the enterprise-class phone system we require without the headache and cost involved in buying and maintaining an on-premise solution.”

Apptix Voice features include:

* Standard voice mail, call forwarding, call transferring, auto attendant and three-way calling functionality
* Mobility support through find me/follow me and remote office features
* A Web portal interface for self-configuration and provisioning of voice services
* Corporate voice networking to support multiple locations and free on-network extension dialing
* An integrated Outlook Toolbar to provide instant access to calling features (including click-to-dial) right from Microsoft Outlook

“The value proposition of outsourcing components of their communications infrastructure is becoming more attractive to small and medium-sized businesses that depend on telecom to increase efficiency and professionalism,” said Lynda Starr, senior analyst for IP Communications at Frost & Sullivan. “Apptix makes it simple for SMBs to migrate to reliable and affordable business-class applications to which they would not otherwise have access. Apptix is also able to leverage its leadership in Hosted Microsoft Exchange to add voice services and one-stop shopping for customers seeking to outsource their business communications.”

Apptix Voice can be deployed in less than 30 days and Apptix manages the entire process, which includes an optional on-site network assessment, porting of existing phone numbers, hardware and service plan selection, and installation services. Apptix Voice plans start at $39.99 per month for basic features including voicemail, auto attendant and call forwarding. A full-featured Call Center solution is also available - this add-on provides complete call center functionality, including call queuing, call center agent distribution and statistical reporting. Package features can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. For more information about Apptix Voice, which is initially available through its MailStreet division, visit

TORRANCE, Calif., March 14, 2007 — The AdvisorMail ( division of LiveOffice Managed Messaging Services ( today announced that its AdvisorMail hosted message archiving and compliance solution has helped financial services organizations successfully pass more than 2,500 audits. The examinations have included internal policy reviews as well as requests from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and other regulatory bodies.

“Each function of AdvisorMail is specifically designed to make the process of monitoring, archiving and retrieving message data as easy as possible for compliance and IT professionals, whether they are part of a large broker-dealer, a registered investment advisory firm or a hedge fund,” said Matt Smith, president of LiveOffice. “This 2,500-audit milestone validates the ability of our system to smooth the way for a successful audit.”

Clients credited several AdvisorMail search and retrieval capabilities in helping them produce the data needed to comply with requests from internal auditors and regulators. The organizations surveyed cited AdvisorMail’s ability to:

  • Quickly conduct searches and review results online Auditors and internal compliance personnel cited the power of AdvisorMail’s online user interface to facilitate advanced multi-criteria searches as well as the ability to review the search results online at any time.
  • Conveniently download message data directly from an in-house PC to a non-rewritable DVD In the case of requests for small to medium-sized data samples, compliance officers valued the ability to search, zip and download data directly to their desktop PC and then quickly copy the data to a non-rewritable DVD for sharing with the auditor.
  • Minimize compliance department workload by providing auditors with read-only access to select messages Many compliance officers cited the advantages of providing internal auditors or regulators with read-only web access to review messages, instead of downloading the messages to non-rewritable DVDs.
  • Reduce IT department workload by allowing large data requests to be offloaded to LiveOffice staff When asked to conduct large and complex downloads of message data, organizations cited the benefits of forwarding these requests to LiveOffice for processing rather than fulfilling them in-house. LiveOffice returns the requested data on DVD within 48 hours or two business days.

Supports Increase in Boolean Search Requests
AdvisorMail’s ability to quickly conduct both simple and complex searches on large volumes of emails, email attachments and instant message transcripts has proved to be especially important to a rise in regulators’ Boolean search requests. In this type of search, a regulator may ask a compliance department to produce all email messages sent between a specific date range that contain a word such as “guarantee” within at least five words of the word “money.” LiveOffice data indicates that more regulators are asking for these complex searches, rather than simpler requests such as email messages sent to and from a specific email address over a stated data range.

LiveOffice is the only company to offer a total solution for the secure handling of email and instant messages, including advanced anti-spam and anti-virus protection, encryption, traffic management and business continuity. The company’s managed service model eliminates the need for clients to purchase any hardware or software to deploy the system, resulting in significant cost savings and fast implementation.

TORRANCE, Calif., March 12, 2007 LiveOffice Corporation (, the leading provider of managed messaging security, archiving and compliance solutions, today announced that Product Manager Alan Akahoshi will participate as a speaker in this week’s Data Protection Summit. Mr. Akahoshi, scheduled to serve as a panelist, will join other industry experts to discuss how technology solutions, such as LiveOffice Managed Messaging Services, are helping organizations meet the legal requirements surrounding electronic data.

Mr. Akahoshi and the other panelists will discuss how different types of software are enabling organizations to better protect their data such as emails and instant messages and helping them to prepare for existing legal requirements such as the recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). The panel entitled, “Meeting Legal Requirements for Data Protection,” is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th at 2 p.m. pacific time and will take place at the Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport in Irvine, California.

With nearly two decades of experience in the software industry, Mr. Akahoshi currently serves as product manager for LiveOffice Managed Messaging Services where he oversees all aspects of product planning and strategy development. Prior to joining LiveOffice, Mr. Akahoshi was a program manager at Microsoft Corp. for the Exchange Hosted Services group, where he was responsible for the strategic development of their message encryption service an


Daylight Saving Time change requires urgent action

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In August 2005, the United States Congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which changes the start and end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) as observed in the United States. Some additional countries/regions are following the U.S. change. As a result, DST will start three weeks earlier on March 11, 2007, and end one week later on November 4, 2007 - resulting in a new DST period that is four weeks longer than previously observed. These dates are referred to as the extended DST period.

All systems depend on international timekeeping standard
Outlook calendar and system times will be affected.

Unless certain updates are applied to each of your servers, workstations and mobile devices, it is likely that the time zone settings for the respective system clocks may be incorrect during this four week period. When your time zone settings are incorrect, your clock may be off by one hour, and certain applications running on your Windows-based devices, computers and servers may not display the correct time (i.e. Outlook appointments, etc). To address this, Microsoft is providing many free updates and tools that will update your system automatically. While the change in daylight saving time applies to the U.S. and Canada, the change may impact customers based outside North America.