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Microsoft Exchange partners with HP G6 servers

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases

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Software giant Microsoft and computer manufacturer Hewlett Packard have banded together to produce the standard in business communications programming. HP will begin complimenting Exchange 2010 by supporting the infrastructure and offering the largest available storage and server options.  En Pointe Technologies, a leading provider of business technology services, products, and support, has partnered with HP to deliver greater flexibility, better process function, and improved efficiency. So many happy partnerships. What a wonderful world.

HP ProLiant 6th Generation servers(G6) provide industry leading performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings resulting in rapid ROI for businesses. These servers are the best selling platform in the world and provide significant improvements over previous generations both in energy savings and power. HP also offers the widest range of industry experts on Microsoft Exchange, bringing businesses the best communications package available on the market. HP Insight Control Environment allows customers to oversee both onsite and online server management, allowing for significant annual cost savings. Virtual connect provides interconnect technology that reduces the need for hardware purchases and realizes significant cost savings over time. Greater memory and storage capabilities deliver twice the performance capabilities compared to older models.

So there you have it. Two great tastes that taste great together.

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