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GFI Software Releases GFI MailArchiver 2011

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


GFI Software, a provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, today announced the release of GFI MailArchiver™ 2011, the latest version of its email archiving software. This major release upgrade offers significant new functionality such as automatic archive management and a faster, richer search.
GFI MailArchiver is becoming a good source for email management problems on Exchange Server. It helps administrators maintain an archive of all corporate email correspondence, significantly reduce the demands on the Exchange server, manage and reduce the company’s dependence on PST files and also meet a growing number of regulations on compliance, eDiscovery and other legislation. The new version of GFI MailArchiver offers several new capabilities that promote ease of use and take the burden off of administrators, including a web interface that transforms email backup and restore into a self-service activity.

“MailArchiver solves the storage problem that is exacerbated by Exchange 2010, and makes email backup and restore a snap – as simple as dragging and dropping an email in Outlook. With organisations upgrading from Exchange 2003 / 2007 to Exchange 2010 they will enjoy the new features of Exchange but they will miss Single Instance Storage which means that their storage costs will increase considerably. With MailArchiver 2010, users will put SIS back into Exchange thus reducing the need for expensive storage and also solving their PST management problems at the same time,” said Brian Azzopardi, product manager, GFI Software.

“The improved features in this new version all funnel to the central goals of improving the user experience and making life easier for network administrators, while maintaining our market leadership with a feature-rich solution at a great price point.”

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