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Exchange Hosting for 2010

train signal

Train Signal, best known for their popular lines of training courses, has released a line of courses catering to users of Exchange Server 2010. The company has this to say:

“The demand for certified IT Pros with Exchange 2010 experience is rising as more and more companies are moving to the new messaging environment” says Marketing Director, Iman Jalali, “and our Exchange 2010 training was designed with this fact in mind.”

The coursework will be taught by J. Peter Bruzzese, who is an author with several related books to his credit. This this 10 year Exchange veteran also holds MCSE, MCT, MCSA, MCITP: Messaging, CNA, CCNA, CIW Master, and CIW Certified Instructor certifications. If you are feeling lost in all things Exchange, it may be time to go to a professional.


Eyenus Solutions has announced a continued partnership with SmarterTools, Inc. to distribute SmarterTools software as an authorized bundle provider. Under the renewed agreement, Eyenus Solutions will continue to provide professional editions of SmarterMail 7.x, SmarterTrack 5.x, and SmarterStats 6.x to qualified dedicated server, virtual server and server management clients. The no-cost bundle is valued at $800.

“We are very excited about this extended opportunity from SmarterTools Inc. SmarterTools products can be installed in less than 30 minutes and it requires almost zero maintenance. With the Exchange ActiveSync add-on, all our SmarterMail customers enjoy increased mobility with email, calendar, tasks and notes accessible from most smartphones, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows phones.” said Rubal Jain, owner of Eyenus Solutions.


Keep an eye on Microsoft’s stock folks, because companies have begun making the migration to Exchange 2010 in record pace, experts say. A survey of some 590 attendees at last month’s Exchange Connections 2010 in Las Vegas, a conference for IT professionals, found Exchange 2010 is coming on strong. The survey was sponsored by unified e-mail management services vendor Mimecast.

In the year since it shipped, the Mimecast survey found 19.7 percent of respondents had already completed the migration to Exchange 2010.

An additional 51.9 percent said they will move to Exchange 2010 within the next 12 months, according to the Mimecast survey report. In fact, a total of 68 percent of those who took the survey said they plan to complete their migrations within two years. Not bad guys!



United Planet has introduced a Business Adapter for the Microsoft Exchange Server to simplify the integration of data and services from MS Exchange into an Enterprise Portal. The product is known as Intrexx.

To date, access to Exchange Server data has been extremely restricted, which has largely prevented integration of valuable data such as e-mails, appointments, contacts and tasks into an enterprise portal. But as enterprise portals play an increasingly important role within organizations by combining information, applications and processes in real-time, the integration of MS Exchange data becomes more and more essential.

The new Intrexx Business Adapter for Microsoft Exchange will now enable companies and their employees to access all elements of the Microsoft Exchange Server or their personal Outlook mailbox for reading and writing by integrating them into the Web interface of their portal. It will also allow them to use the information and services of a Microsoft Exchange server to create almost any web application possible. For example, a business could build a table in its customer management system which accesses publicly available personal Outlook mailboxes and list all mail relating to a selected customer, automatically.

More information about the Intrexx Business Adapter for Microsoft Exchange can be found at:


Microsoft has introduced a new process within Hotmail that allows users to run code within an email client or browser. It’s called Hotmail Active Views and is, you guessed it, part of the company’s Hotmail service.

Microsoft’s new Active Views for Hotmail is an interesting beast. The company has taken a bunch of enterprise partners, starting with Orbitz and, and allowed them to run code right from within your email. Since the partners (and email content) are carefully vetted by Microsoft, potential security concerns are kept to a minimum allowing users to enjoy the power of interactive forms and search widgets without the danger of hidden malicious code. Although, as it’s a new service, the dangers are not immediately clear.

More on this as it develops.


Microsoft has quietly released the latest version of its Security Essentials anti-malware software. For free, to boot.

Security Essentials 2.0 is available as a free download with several changes over the previous version. A Microsoft representative today confirmed the release.

Microsoft said the updated anti-malware engine makes the software faster and smarter at detecting security hazards. The software also now ties in with Windows Firewall, giving you the option of turning the firewall on or off. When I installed the 2.0 edition, it detected that Windows Firewall was not running and asked if I wanted to enable it.


Today Novell announced it has joined the Microsoft Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program to address cloud security challenges through the Novell® Cloud Security Service.  Microsoft and Novell will work together on pre-release, non-commercial, internal testing and validation of Novell Cloud Security Service on the popular Windows Azure.

According to research from the Cloud Security Alliance and Novell, managing and enforcing security in the cloud is a top concern among IT executives considering cloud-based solutions. Novell is hoping this partnership will help by leveraging seamless cross-platform authentication, single sign-on and audit for users.

“Microsoft is excited to have Novell participate in the Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program.  The Windows Azure platform enables Novell to deliver cloud-based services that extend the value of on-premise software without the need to manage technology infrastructure,” said Robert Duffner, Director of Product Management for Windows Azure, Microsoft Corp.  ”Integrating Novell Cloud Security Service into Windows Azure ensures an identity, security and compliance management framework is in place to give our customers peace of mind without sacrificing investments in existing applications.”


Metalogix Software on Wednesday announced its SharePoint Site Migration Manager for Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Dedicated Suite (BPOS-D), to help companies migrate SharePoint and legacy content to the Microsoft cloud environment.

According to the Stephen Cawood, director of product marketing at Metalogix, the new tool is the only one currently certified by Microsoft for the migration of content to Microsoft BPOS–D.

Brian Babineau, vice president, Research and Analyst Services Enterprise Strategy Group, said, “For SMBs who have been using or considering SharePoint, this is a good time to move to the cloud, to reduce IT capital expenditures, and avoid increased IT admin challenges and costs. Metalogix provides the onramp to a more affordable, less complex use of SharePont And if you also have other content, like file shares, now you can move them directly to the cloud/hosted offering, with a a consistent tool.”

Prices start at $5,000 but fluctuate based on a number of criteria.


NSS Labs, which made a report publicly available Tuesday, says IE9’s malware protection includes SmartScreen URL filtering technology, which is also in IE8, as well as SmartScreen Application Reputation. The latter, new in IE9, uses special algorithms in analyzing programs before they are run or saved. The technology then warns the browser user when a malicious program is detected.

What does this all mean? Well, simply put, it means IE9 is one heck of a malware blocker. Ten times more likely to protect from malware than Mozille Firefox, for instance.

As a matter of fact, every browser except for IE has experienced a significant downgrade of security since the last test was performed earlier in the year. Firefox 3.6’s ability to protect fell by 10%, Safari 5 declined by 18%, and Chrome 6 dropped by 14%.


Notify Technology has announced a new hosted management service aimed at enterprise deployments of different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, webOS and Windows Mobile.

The service includes a small agent downloaded to the device, and a server application running as a hosted service (Notify will also offer a traditional enterprise server license option). The agent connects to the server, which is best suited for Microsoft Active Directory.

NotifyMDM relies on Microsoft ActiveSync in order to access Microsoft Exchange Server for synchronizing e-mail, contacts and calendar information. Exchange also supports a range of policies for some management and security functions.


Ongoing Operations, a popular CUSO and credit union, is working with Cloudworks, an Exchange provider, to provide the new hosted IT enterprise services. Several CUSOs and credit unions are in the implementation stage, the disaster recovery and business continuity specialist said. This could signify a new move for the entire credit union industry to switch to the cloud.

“Credit unions’ overall IT expenses continue to grow and resources are often stretched thin trying to keep up with frequent hardware upgrades, patches and increasingly complex software licensing fees,” said CUSO President Kirk Drake, whose company now serves about 100 credit unions.

Mike Eaton, Cloudworks’ CEO, said his firm has been serving small and medium-sized businesses for 14 years.

“By combining our expertise in client migrations and highly customizable interfaces with Ongoing Operations’ secure data centers built specifically for credit union requirements, we have developed a truly unique solution with significant benefits for the industry,” he said.

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