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SmartPick Backup introduces backup appliances for offsite backup of Exchange Server data

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


SmartPick Backup, a San Jose, California based provider of data backup appliances and services, has announced a second version of their SmartFiler Appliances. These enable automatic offsite data backup of Exchange Server data. Version 2 integrates SmartFiler Appliances with Symantec’s Backup Exec System Recovery product to enable offsite data backup of Exchange data without tapes.

“We are excited about our new solution that enables small and medium businesses to backup their Exchange data offsite without any manual intervention; a perfect solution to backup and restore entire Exchange Mailbox Store or individual mail boxes and folders”, says Swami Nathan, President of SmartPick Backup. He adds, “By partnering with Symantec, customers can now take advantage of the industry leading Backup Exec System Recovery product with the focused offsite solution that the SmartFiler Appliances bring for large amounts of data”.

“The SmartFiler Backup Appliance solution is the most cost effective offsite backup solution in the market today. Though it is built with enterprise class software and features, it provides a cost effective, yet elegant solution for small and medium businesses”, says Suren Lalapet, Director of Marketing at SmartPick.

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