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Splunk, Inc. Releases the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


Splunk®, Inc., a provider of operational intelligence software, today released the Splunk App  for Microsoft Exchange. This app provides continuous monitoring and reporting of Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Exchange 2010. By converging operations and security data into integrated real-time client behavior dashboards that depict patterns of Exchange usage, the app enables Exchange administrators to improve the operational reliability of their environments and speed security investigations.

Microsoft Exchange Administrators can use the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange to perform end-to-end message tracking, quickly determine client usage patterns that require remediation, and perform root cause analysis of performance and availability issues. Exchange specialists now can offload some troubleshooting tasks to the IT helpdesk and focus on maintaining messaging service reliability and performance. IT professionals can respond to security incidents or HR requests in a timely manner. IT decision makers have access to the information so they can build long range plans to support evolution in their messaging infrastructure.

“The traditional method of managing, monitoring and securing Microsoft Exchange environments involves navigating across a set of siloed technologies,” said Rachel Chalmers, Research Director Infrastructure Management of The 451 Group. “Without a unified view into the messaging environment, Exchange and Windows administrators lack the operational visibility needed to easily respond to ad hoc requests, troubleshoot issues, plan capacity and provide compliance reporting. With a core capability to index data from any source, the new Splunk App for MS Exchange breaks down these traditional silos.”

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