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TechNet announces live hands-on lab covering multitude of Exchange Server 2010 topics

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as Microsoft, News, Press Releases, Tools

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Ever the innovators, TechNet has announced HOLO(Hands on live online.) This is a new feature on Technet that is similar to their usual webcasts that you know and love. The hook, this time around, is HOLOs features tests and workbooks and all manner of other goodies to help you learn.

The subjects of this Exchange Server 2010-centric HOLO are thus:

Exchange Server 2010 Client Access:
In this lab, you will configure and test the MailTips functionality within Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, review some of the new features in Outlook Web App, and experience using a Windows Mobile Device Emulator.

Exchange Server 2010 Compliance - Information Leakage Protection and Control:
In this lab exercise, you will configure Rights Management Service (RMS) and integrate RMS as a component of Microsoft Exchange 2010 transport security.

Exchange Server 2010 Transport Routing:
This lab exercise, you will simulate failures in various components of Microsoft Exchange 2010 transport and learn about improvements made in high availability and manageability of transport systems.

Exchange Server 2010 High Availability and Storage Scenarios:
During this lab, you will use the DC01, EX01, EX02, and EX03 virtual computers to gain hands-on experience with the new high availability features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

Click here for more information, and remember, there will be a quiz afterwards(Really.)

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