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TechNet releases webcast chronincling Microsoft’s own journey to deploy Exchange Server 2010

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as Microsoft, News, Press Releases, Tools

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Ever wonder how the gang at Microsoft got around to updating to Exchange Server 2010? Did they have their own hiccups? What kind of problems did they have to overcome to get it running smoothly? It was way beta, after all. Well, wonder no more. In this unusual and highly interesting webcast, the gang at TechNet take us through their own journey with Exchange Server 2010 deployment.

Luisa Garcia Zapata, Microsoft’s IT Service Manager, takes us through the anecdotes and does quite a job doing so. Here is what Microsoft has to say about the webcast:

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 introduces numerous advances in performance, scalability, and reliability, while lowering the total cost of ownership. In this Webcast, we discuss the Exchange Server 2010 deployment within Microsoft IT. The session includes descriptions of the Exchange Server 2010 roles, design criteria, hardware choices, and operational changes.”

It’s an hour long and available. Click here to watch.

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