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C2C Releases New Version of ArchiveOne for Exchange 2010

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


C2C is back. The company that acts as a leading provider of email, file and messaging management solutions announced today that they have made their ArchiveOne and ArchiveOne Express software available for Exchange Server 2010. This is a boon for Exchange users who are looking for a simple, streamlined approach to archiving and eDiscovery.

Let’s here it from the horse’s mouth:

“This edition of ArchiveOne works hand-in-hand to deliver the benefits of email archiving and will include new products to enhance discovery, recovery and migration of PSTs and capitalize on the value of the pre- and post-archive data management that made C2C a forerunner in this market,” said Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C. “The challenge to provide a quality product to enhance the latest version of Exchange has not been lost on C2C or its competitors. Whether a hosted email-as-a-service solution, or a traditional on-premises email server, at the office or on the road, ArchiveOne will give customers additional power and flexibility in their email management.”

The company says, using the service, companies can cut their mailboxes down by as much as 2/3rds. That’s no small potatoes for you large companies out there.

For some case studies showing how individual companies used the software to their advantage, click here.

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