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OfficeRecovery releases Recovery - Suite of recovery tools aimed at Exchange 2010 users

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


Recovering lost files and emails on Exchange Server 2010 just got a whole lot easier. Recoveronix, makers of the hit software suite Officerecovery, has announced support for Exchange Server 2010.

The program has been noted with saving masses and masses of emails and files in the past years using past versions of Exchange. Finally, 2010 users get to benefit.

A  new flexible means for data recovery has been added to the traditional UI here. It’s called “Data Browser” and comes standard with the new releases of Recovery for Exchange Server.

The program has also added the ability to extract lost emails even before the search is done. This is going to be a boon for admins who, you know, have a life. That should be all of us, right? Here is what the company has to say for itself:

“Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 should be done with a disaster recovery plan in mind. The newest release Recovery for Exchange Server is an essential part of it, natively supporting the format and recovering lost email quickly even in a post-disaster environment” says Emil Sildos, Recoveronix CEO.

The program starts at $799.00. Click here for more information.

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