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Gladinet unveils Cloud Backup - Perfect for users of Exchange 2010

Posted by Lawrence Bonk as News, Press Releases


Gladinet, a provider of Cloud Storage Access Platform, has launched their Cloud Backup service. This allows enterprises and SMBs to back up their databases, files, and system state to any cloud storage service.

In addition, Cloud Backup can also be used to back up databases, application data, and e-mail to any cloud storage service, and is ideal for backing up Windows folders, files, system states, desktops and live applications like Microsoft Exchange, the company says.

This is great news for Exchange users in small-to-medium-sized businesses who can’t afford a more old-school cloud approach. It’s also an extremely safe service. Chief executive officer Jerry Huang has this to say regarding the safety of their new service:

“Security concerns are addressed by providing strong, AES-256 bit encryption for backup data and securing the data transmission to the cloud with SSL,” Huang said.

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