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Exchange Hosting for November, 2005

TORRANCE, Calif., November 22, 2005 - Just in time for the holidays, LiveOffice Corp. (, a leading provider of web services, today launched a free teleconferencing service to help family members spread throughout the country and abroad create a Virtual Dinner Table.

With high travel costs, work commitments and the war, more and more families are separated by great distance and unable to gather around the same dinner table this holiday season. LiveOffice’s Free Conferencing puts the joy back into the season by helping families create virtual gatherings on a single phone line where they can reminisce about old times, share exciting news and send well wishes - all for free.

How it Works
Anyone with access to an Internet-connected PC can create a Virtual Dinner Table in seconds by visiting and entering their name and email address. No credit card information or contract is required to use the service.

The system will automatically generate an email containing the dial-in number, conference code and moderator code. To invite family members to the Virtual Dinner Table, all the host has to do is determine the date and time of the call and provide guests with that information as well as the dial-in number and conference code.

The call is a normal toll call. Participants’ using a pre-paid phone card, an internet phone service such as Vonage or monthly cellular phone plan, where long distance minutes are included, will not incur additional charges.

Families can also use LiveOffice’s Free Conferencing to schedule a toll-free call. The host of the call will then pay the low per minute rate of $0.04 per minute per participant for the duration of the call.

LiveOffice’s teleconferencing services are also available with the company’s IMConferencing web meeting application.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 16, 2005 - LiveOffice Corporation (, provider of AdvisorMail (, today launched eAuditor+, a pre-populated word and phrase lexicon designed to better meet the needs of financial services’ professionals required to monitor, store and retrieve electronic communications in compliance with SEC, NASD and NYSE regulations. Developed in consultation with some of the nation’s leading compliance experts, eAuditor+ greatly reduces the flagging of false positives in email messages, attachments and instant message transcripts within the AdvisorMail system.

eAuditor+ contains a comprehensive list of words and phrases that top compliance professionals in the financial services industry have identified as potentially problematic in the course of electronic communications between financial services professionals and their clients and/or business associates. With eAuditor+, system administrators have the ability to add or delete words and phrases at any time based on their needs. If a word or phrase is deleted from eAuditor+ by an administrator, it can always be added back with the click of a single button.

“The last thing in-house compliance personnel want to deal with is volumes and volumes of false positive messages requiring their review and approval. From the start, AdvisorMail’s ability to reduce the time it takes compliance staff to fulfill their oversight responsibilities has been one of its most important features,” said Steve Uhring, vice president sales and marketing for LiveOffice Corp. “The new eAuditor+ lexicon reflects our continued commitment to compliance workload reduction and is specifically designed to help minimize the occurrence of false positives during email search and retrieval, while curtailing the total number of messages requiring review.”

How it Works
In AdvisorMail’s optional pre-review mode, eAuditor+ pre-screens messages before they are sent externally and prevents emails containing non-compliant language from being delivered until they are reviewed and approved by an in-house auditor. In post-review mode, all messages are screened against eAuditor+ and flagged for further review by an auditor, but are not prevented from being delivered to the intended recipient. In both instances, auditors have the convenient and timesaving option of attaching a note to the message advising the employee of the violation and providing further instructions.

eAuditor+ is easy to use and can be customized to meet the needs of any financial services organization, ranging from registered investment advisory firms to hedge funds and independent broker-dealers.

Pricing & Availability
The eAuditor+ lexicon is AdvisorMail’s new, default word and phrase lexicon and replaces the eSupervisor Premium lexicon. eAuditor+ is available now to AdvisorMail users at no additional charge. For those not using AdvisorMail, the eAuditor+ lexicon may be purchased for $4,000.

Pricing for the AdvisorMail product suite, which enables automated monitoring, archiving and retrieval of emails and instant messages, begins at approximately $200 per month.

NASD Fall Securities Conference
LiveOffice will demonstrate AdvisorMail and the eAuditor+ lexicon today through Friday at the NASD Fall Securities Conference taking place at the San Francisco Marriott.

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